1. J

    Clicking noise coming from ABS pump every time I break!

    Clicking noise coming from ABS pump every time I brake! Right this is driving my insane. I have just finished painting my brake calipers I did it by leaving them attached to the car so there hasn't been any air introduced to the system. Simply detached the calipers from the mounts removed...
  2. JonoF1amg

    Clicking sounds from air vents

    Hi I have the W205 C220 bluetec Sport. Can anybody tell me what the clicking sound is that seems to come from around the area of the outside air vents inside the car not long after you start the engine is this normal? Thanks
  3. A

    No clicking sound when parking brake is engaged

    Hi, On my W211 I used to hear a clicking sound when parking brake was engaged. I cann't get the brake stop light in instrument cluster ever since the clicking sound disappeared. The parking brake works though because when i press the pedal to engage parking brake it works (I cannot see the...
  4. W124newbie

    W124 indicators not clicking inside

    Hi guys, Just recently the indicators have stopped clicking inside the cabin when flicking up or down. They still flash and externally are still working. I had this problem last year and from memory I think that they weren't flashing either, so I replaced the relay with a new one from...
  5. K

    W203 c class - loud clicking noise

    My 2005 c class has developed a loud clicking nose behind the dash board every time it's started up. It lasts for about 10/30 seconds and then disappears. Can anyone shed any light on this for me please? The car drives perfect with no issues as normal. Any help is really appreciated
  6. sfc

    clicking noise

    i am hearing a low clicking noise from front wheel when turning right, clicking gets faster when speeding up, nothing when turning left , any idea's ? was thinkink a screw/nail in tire but cant see anything
  7. Alfie

    W203 stepper motor / flap clicking

    We recently had a customer come in with his W203 C class that had the often common 'clicking' from behind the dashboard. Mercedes Benz Guildford quoted him £1500 and Mercedes Ascot quoted £2500 to fix it! Staggering. ASRA has the job down as an eight hour exercise! We put him in touch...
  8. N

    W140 Clicking Noise Glovebox Area

    Hi, I've had my W140 for two years and ever since buying it there has been a faint clicking noise coming from the glove box or passenger foot well area. I've timed the gap between each click and it is exactly once every 20 seconds. When the climate control system is off it makes the noise. If...
  9. J

    clicking noise from behind dash w124

    Could of had this noise from the beginning when I bought my car but I had worn engine mounts which masked the noise,now they been replaced the noise is driving me mad :wallbash: Sat with car idling there's a ticking coming from behind the dash :( appears to be there when driving too but engine...
  10. E

    Door Check Stopper Clicking Noises

    Hi, One of the back doors has very loud clicking noises when opening and closing the door. There are 3 clicks when opening and 3 clicks when closing. I'm pretty sure the noise is coming from the door check stopper. I've read that some people have fixed this issue by lubricating it with...
  11. A

    C63 coupe - acceleration clicking

    Afternoon All, New member here, I have been a member of a few forums in the past and about 4 months ago I purchased my dream car. A C63 coupe which I wanted for years after hearing the pace car at Silverstone in 2010. Turning to my mate at the time saying "I need that noise...
  12. 5

    CLicking when car is started.

    Hi All, SO finally bought a clk w209 320 and i love it. It had some error messages on the dash which the dealer sorted (common coolant message which resulted in new radiator/fan assembly and sensor in washer bottle). I now have this clicking sound when I turn the key in the ignition...
  13. N

    Clicking noise as speed increase.

    I have recently purchased a 2005 C200 CDI Estate, with 69000 miles on the clock,plus 2 previous owners. It has been kept very well generally. It is a automatic and drives very well after having bmw 300D estate for 15 years from new. The problem is a noise ,which almost sounds like a speedometer...
  14. B

    Clicking / Ticking noise from rear E350 CDi Coupe

    Can anyone advise what may be causing clicking / ticking noise from rear offside when going round traffic islands. Nothing when going straight, no sign of anything loose or rubbing. Many thanks
  15. B

    SL55 clicking noise steering while parking

    hi guys any ideas what this could be? seems fine while driving, just get a clicking noise while parking / very low speed turning.
  16. alan1304

    Wierd, Chirping, Clicking noise.

    Hi Guys, I have posted a question about this before but had no replies. Now I'm starting to really panic as the wife has booked a holiday in North Wales at the end of August, and from where we are here in Plymouth that's 300 miles each way. I have been getting a strange clicking chirping sound...
  17. S

    ML clicking noise

    Hi, ive a 2007 ml63, anyway when cornering slow its clicking like a cv joint sort of noise and getting steadily worse over last few months, both directions but only when steering, i dont reckon its a cv joint though as if you are reversing (more prominent) or forward on full lock on a loose...
  18. M

    Gearbox clicking

    Hello recently bought a 2002 w203 C200K estate to replace my w202 c180. its a great car but its developed a clicking noise from around the gearbox. i have done a bit of research and a few people say it could be a handbrake cable fault that that is rubbing on the prop ? has anyone heard or had...
  19. M

    C180 Engine clicking noise

    Any idea what could make that noise?
  20. brucemillar

    Heater Flaps Clicking

    2004 W203 Avantgarde Estate Folks. My wife's W203 Estate has got the dreaded "clicking" which seems to be coming from above the passenger glove box. It is very loud and sounds like a metronome clicking away for about a minute after you start up. It is affecting the hot/cold air flow making...
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