1. Tubs2382

    Yet another annoying clicking dash!

    Hey guys, Ever since i started to get an annoying clicking sound coming from my central air vent in my 03' C320 (W203), i have practically been all over this forum and found every write-up, DIY guide and hints listed (seems a pretty common fault on pre-face lift W203's!). But nearly all of...
  2. Mobb

    W208 CLK - Clicking noise when engines cold ?

    I start the car and i can hear this clicking noise coming from the engine bay that sounds exactly like them toys that you get from those stupid shops.. you know its like a little plastic ratchet with a straight pole connected to it and you use that pole to spin it around and it makes that...
  3. 1989w124

    need help for strange clicking!

    Hi all, My 1989 w124 300d has developed a weird phenomenon of clicking under braking at low speeds. I had the wishbones replaced last year. My first thought was ball joint, but it doesn't make sense. It only happens at low speed, and I can feel it in through the pedal albeit very lightly...
  4. D

    W203 clicking dashboard

    Having sorted the start up clicking actuator motor on my C270 CDI 2001 last year I have now got a clicking when moving the vent control from window to feet, no clicking on start up though, any idea where this is coming from before I start digging in the dashboard ?
  5. P

    Why does the CD player keep clicking??

    Hi All, On my 03 C180k, the CD player has an annoying habit of clicking sometimes, usually when I first start the car. It's a fairly fast click and lasts for probably less than a minute. There's nothing stuck in the player but it sounds like it's struggling to eject a disk. Has anyone else...
  6. Littledigger

    W203 Estate Load cover not clicking into place

    Does anyone know how the mechanism works for locking the load cover into position when extended to cover the load area? Looking in from outside, the right hand side won't click and lock like the left side does. I wonder if this can be repaired?
  7. S

    w124 / 250D Clicking noise and felt through brake pedal

    I have a clicking noise coming through the brake pedal at about 3 sec intervals and with a definite pattern. It clicks twice and I can feel a pulse through the brake pedal. Upon inspection the noise appears to be coming from the part in the picture (bosch silver things). ABS is working and...
  8. Gazza55

    Clicking Noise on start up!!!

    Has anyone had a loud clicking noise from the dashboard area when you first switch on the car, goes on for a couple of minutes...:crazy:
  9. matty.13

    c32 clicking noise

    hi my c32 has a annoying clicking noise coming from under the passenger under tray , any ideas ? seems to only happen when the ignition is on . thanks
  10. DaveTheDrummer

    W210 E320CDI Engine clicking when hot

    Hi Guys, Still thoroughly enjoying my E320CDI Avantgarde even though it's cost me a bomb in servicing recently. I had the front anti-roll bar drop links replaced as part of the last service to get rid of that low speed ticking noise that had been driving me bonkers. Thank you to those who...
  11. cellarmerc

    w210 handbrake er footbrake not making clicking sound and pushing down smoothly

    Hi, pushed the footbrake lever to find it just depressed smoothly without the usual clicking nothces, what has happened , do I need to get it looked at urgently ? thks Tony
  12. M

    Clicking Dash- Advice please!

    I know this has been done before just looking for recommendations of garage to take it to.I live in Cheshire but new to the area.The car is a W209 CLK320 clicking lasts about 30 secs on start up.Does not really bother me but im putting the car up for sale and fear this might put off potencial...
  13. imbck666

    W202 C180 clicking sound from engine??

    Hi all :)) Just bought another merc.. W202 C180 1996, auto.. a/c the lot.. anyway cut the long story short.. Whenever I have a cold start.. when the engine temp is cold, I start the engine up and I hear a clciking sound from the engine.. The clicking sound is there all the time, even when I...
  14. F

    Dreaded Clicking from Dashboard experience

    Hi. I thought I would share my experience of the dreaded clicking sound from the Dashboard. This happened to me on my C200k Kompressor Avantgarde W203 2001. Same old story, after starting the car, a loud clicking noise can be heard from the dashboard. After a minute or so it stops until the...
  15. blackscooby

    W203 Clicking from drivers footwell fan issue

    Hello, Just today the C32 W203 started making a clicking noise below the steering wheel on engine start. It's a loud click to say the least which repeats about 5 or so times. I suspect that it's the "flaps" in the vents which have stuck in the drivers footwell area. No matter what I can't...
  16. A

    W168 A160 Avant 1998 clicking brakes

    Hi all, in March I had the front discs and pads replaced on my A160. since then the car has developed an odd click noise when you press the peddle. The click happens a second or so after the peddle is pressed and can be quite loud at low speeds. Its not the ABS kicking in and the discs and...
  17. A

    W163 ML400 CDi and clicking noise when hot.Timing chain?HELP!

    Hi there, 3 years ago the car would make a clicking noise in the first 3-5 secs since start coming form the engine.Later that 5 secs the engine sounded OK.I was told by a couple of service MB dealers that it was something with the oils not going up intime and that it should not bother me.Note...
  18. bennesspipers

    No hot air & clicking sound

    Iv just replaced the water pump, & iv squeezed what air i can out of the system, but there's no hot air coming through the heater. And at the back left of the engine bay there is a electric clicking sound. Whats going on, any ideas ?:wallbash:
  19. goody

    Clicking dashboard - CLK500, W209

    Hi all, There is a bit of an odd noise coming from the inside of the dashboard, it occurs after start up & is a clicking noise that has a frequency of about 1click per second & lasts approx 15 to 30 seconds then stops. I think it may be something in the ventilation system that is either stuck...
  20. M

    M class folding mirror clicking sound

    Hi, I have a M class ML270 2002 and a van hit into my passenger side mirror. The folding mirror now make a horrible clicking sound when I press the button to close the mirror and the mirror folds in more compare to the drivers side. It appears the stoper on folding mirror is broken. Does...
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