1. N

    Mercedes w124 1988 Climate control wiring

    Hi I recently fitted a new A/C system into the car. I tried to follow the wiring from the old car where the A/C was taken from. However the control panel doesn't work when the car is on, neither the lights on the panel go on. I think the problem comes from the wiring. Does anyone have a...
  2. merc85

    w211 e55k, 4 zone Climate issue

    Had a trip to London today, My car is always kept in a cool Garage, Upon leaving i had the Climate Set on Auto at 19 degrees as i always have done, The Aircon was fine all the way to London 90 miles. After Leaving the car Aprox 2hours outside "black car" it was hot inside. So again i...
  3. BaldGuy

    XXX Michelin Cross Climate x 4 As new 600 miles XXX

    I have 4 x Michelin Cross Climate tyres that have done 600 miles... 4 x 205 - 55 - 16 £70 each New.... £200 for all 4... currently on some C Class alloys
  4. shanksy

    W208 Climate Control Removal Tools

    Hi All, Does anyone know a quality provider of the little tools you need to remove the climate control. I've already purchased some off ebay and I know they were cheap, but they are too thick and barely go through the width of the outer plastic. There certainly don't get anywhere near as...
  5. T

    Replacing W218 CLS climate control unit

    I need to replace my CLS's climate control panel. I have a new (secondhand) part and need to fit it. How do I remove the centre console trim to get at it? I have seen videos showing how to access/remove the headunit, but nothing lower down. Does the thin leather section below the heated seats...
  6. Petrol Pete

    I didn't know that.....

    ....Pushing and holding in the recirculate button on the climate/aircon unit on the dashboard will instantly wind up all open windows and close the sunroof ! Much easier than scrabbling around for all the buttons when passing a muck spreader. :thumb:
  7. MD5

    R129 climate control panel refurb

    Can anyone recommend any companies in the UK that repair/refurb R129 climate control panels please?
  8. T

    CLS W218 Climate issues - resistor?

    Hi. I've had a problem the last few months. When the car is first started on a cold or damp day the climate control goes full blast and no buttons work, it ignores me and blasts away for a few minutes. Usually after 5 minutes or so it then works just fine. Even the 'Off' button is not...
  9. G

    W246 Climate Control Module (Removing)

    Anybody know how to replace/remove the climate module? Mines faulty and need replacing - wondering if it's easy to remove the panel (as per picture) and thus being able to remove the module
  10. CreosoteChris

    W124 Climate Panel / Console Illumination - From Bad to Worse

    Some time ago (months actually, but now winter is here it’s annoying me) the gearshift indicator illumination on my C124 failed - so I decided to fix it yesterday. I dug out my bag of those little crummy bulbs used for instrument and switch illumination, and removed the centre console trim /...
  11. S

    W216/W221 Climate Comfort W'screen - Clear Spots for GPS signal

    Hi guys, I have a Merc. CL500 (2013MY, 2014 registered) with climate comfort windscreen (the one that has a slight purple tint to it), and I had tried a friend's road angel for a couple of days, and..... it doesn't get a signal at all. Upon some investigation, it transpires that the infrared...
  12. dad4geer

    Thermatic - Climate control

    I am still confused as how this whole thing works.. What is the purpose of "AUTO", button 12 in the attached picture? Do we use it when we have to activate climate control so I want some other temp and missus wants something else? most of the time it's only me driving so in that case I should...
  13. milleplod

    R500 climate

    In today's relatively hot weather, I've had the aircon/climate on. I've noticed that the air blown out of the right-hand vents is very slightly warmer than the ice-cold stuff coming out of the other side. Flow level is the same. Is there a self-test or calibration function I can access? Or does...
  14. T

    W209 Climate control aircon fault

    My CLK 2004 aircon stopped working (no cold air) about the same time the intercooler hose split which I have now replaced, but aircon still not working. An independent garage I took the car to said that there are no leaks and it should work but it doesn't. They also mentioned their tools could...
  15. G

    W209 CLK350 interior tweaks

    I just got a 2006 CLK which is in really good condition, so good that I would like to see about fixing the few minor things I've noticed... 1) Somehow the dimpled aluminium interior trim pieces that run along the driver/passenger door panels have both got several marks on them. Anyone know...
  16. T

    Climate Control

    2005 (55) W220 320CDI The problem I have with the climate control is that it blows hot on all but the lowest setting (LO). I first did the self diagnostic test which gave the sun sensor in the bonnet as the fault. Replaced sensor with new from MB. No errors on diagnostic now but the problem...
  17. C

    W124 climate control

    Folks, I may be viewing a 95 c124 today, which has auto climate control fitted. Is this generally reliable or to be avoided in favour of an air con equipped car. A quick google suggests ACC is much more complex and more labour involved in problem diagnosis? Thanks all
  18. Ultrarep

    Climate control from face lift S211

    Hi all. I am sorry if this has been done befor. But I have anS211 2004 that I love. Is it possiblr to swap out the dials and knobs of the standard climate controls just under the centre vents for the face lift type with the lsc display? If possiblr is this easy? The car does not have 4 zone...
  19. S

    vito climate control problem

    hi my 06 vito 111 cdi has electronic climate control fitted , it has digital display and air con etc, when i turn temp down it wont go back up when i press button , but over night the button seems to work fine when i press it , strange one , any ideas? cheers
  20. P

    R129 climate control LCD

    Does anyone know if the LCD screen on the climate control panel on a year 2000 SL can be repaired ? I can occassionally get it to display all of its information by pressing in different places around the screen but it's getting harder to get a result ! Any suggestions of how & who can repair...
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