1. P

    button on my climatronic unit?

    Hi what is the button bottom right (under demister)
  2. Z

    Retro Fit Climatronic

    I have seen some climatrnic controls for the B-Class / W245 on eaby. Is it simply a plug and play or would you need more than just the control unit ?
  3. amwebby

    Can you retrofit Climatronic in an E320?

    My neighbour has just purchased a lovely E320 and it has everything he wanted apart from Climatronic, just having the standard air conditioning. He was told that retrofit is not possible but that can't be true, can it?
  4. R

    Climatronic Installed

    Thanks to et0609 I have now replaced my cars standard climate control with the "luxury" climate control. Installation was easy, remove gear surround trim, remove ashtray, remove climate control trim, unscrew and plug existing unit, replace with new one, drive to MB and get the million fault...
  5. E

    Brand New Climatronic Unit For Sale

    I have a brand new climatronic unit for a W203 2005 model for sale. Basically, on a recent trip to Germany I purchased 2 of these units, one for me and one for a mate of mine. I managed to get mine working with the help of my dealer but my mate, alas, could not. So it is up for sale. It has been...
  6. V

    Climatronic Unit

    Hello everyone, Last week I bought a new climatronic unit for my 2005 W203. Now, I know theres the threads that say it may or may not work but I think im in the middle somewhere. I have fitted the unit and everything works apart from one thing. The unit does not direct air from the vents...
  7. E

    Digital Climatronic

    Hi, I see that MBenznl can supply a new digital climatronic unit to replace the existing one with knobs on my 2005 w203. My question is a, how does the fascia remove and b, the unit has 2 controls for airflow, one for the front and one for the rear i believe, if the unit works in my car...
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