1. N

    Shere Hill Climb nr G'ford, Sept 4th, £12.

    Shere Hill Climb
  2. GrahamC230K

    Kop Hill Climb 2013

    I enjoyed my day out at this event today. It's pretty much on my doorstep, but the first year I've made it. I hope you like the pics. Kop Hill Climb 2013 - a set on Flickr [YOUTUBE HD]f6PIQCSi9UM[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. Willsco

    SL500 at Prescott Hill Speed Climb (Charity Day)

    Some shots from recent charity day at Prescott Hill Speed Climb in Gloucestershire.. Click on menu item - "Prescott Hill Charity Day"
  4. Palfrem

    Dow Jones & FTSE climb to new heights

    BBC News - Dow Jones and FTSE climb to new highs Can anyone tell me what has fundamentally changed since all the doom and gloom? Thanks.
  5. st13phil

    Kop Hill Climb 2012

    Just wondering if anyone's intending to go along to the Kop Hill Climb which this year is on 22nd / 23rd September? I went in 2010, but missed it last year so thought it worth another visit. There are some great pic's both in and linked from this thread, taken last year by Nick Froome and...
  6. st13phil

    Kop Hill Climb - 26th / 27th Sept

    Quite by chance I spotted promotional posters for this while driving through Princes Risborough yesterday. Full details can be found here, but it looks like it could be an interesting day out. Incidentally, it was a minor accident at this event in 1925 that resulted in all motorsport on public...
  7. M

    Loton Park Hill Climb - 17 May 2009

    Hi Peeps - sorry for short notice guys! Martin and I are going to the above event on Sunday 17 May. More details here H&DLCC - Events Looks a good venue for a gtg and perhaps a pic-i-nic! If anyone is interested please let me or Martin (MBZ6) know by a PM on Thursday 14 May or meet at...
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