1. RyanMuller

    Where can I get this clip please?

    Asked MB but minimum order quantity is ridiculous. The clip is for the fog light mesh part number A002 988 5181. I can't find it anywhere online apart from getting some from abroad for silly money. Does anybody know where I can et this part in the UK? Thank you!!
  2. Reggies

    Clip on Roof Bars

    Can anyone tell me if I can add roof bars/rack. I have looked at my roof and all I can see is 2 chrome strips running from the front to rear, no little plug/gaps. The car is a 1995 c180.
  3. M

    which is best fuel clip or worm drive clip

    Hi, what are the views regarding using a Fuel pipe clip against a Worm drive clip (jubilee ;)) reason being I found a diesel fuel leak from one of the pipes on the fuel filter (320CDi) :mad: I popped the original clip off also found another old clip on top of the manifold under the...
  4. C

    W210 fuel pipe clip part No

    As the title says really. Mines broken, which allowed the pipe to come adrift and rub on the belt, causing a bad leak! Its the clip underneath the HP fuel pump that holds the 2 clear plastic fuel pipes. It's a 2002 W210 320cdi. WDB2102262X085962 Cheers Ben
  5. CLSMark

    Funny YouTube clip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. petey300dLWB

    T1 307d lost 1st gear. Parts advice. gear link/selector rod bush and clip perished.

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me source parts: I have a T1 motorhome import, 307d 1979 2.4 OM616.934(i think) with a 4 speed box. I recently lost 1st gear on a busy hill which was rather hairy. Managed to roll her back onto the embankment and got underneath to discover one of the...
  7. rom1

    3 button battery clip

    I need a battery clip for my 3 button chrome key, top bit is damaged so I have no slider to remove the metal key with and can not release the battery clip in he normal way I have to use screw drivers and pilers. Key works perfect and metal blade is perfect, I just need the batery clip, same...
  8. Bazfaldo

    Replacing O2 sensors - Metal wire guide clip needed

    Hi All, I am replacing my upstream O2 sensors on my CLK55, I have the Bosch sensors I bought from my local Merc dealer but I am having trouble trying to find a part number for a metal sensor lead guide that clips onto the sensor. The parts dept guy couldn't find it in the EPC and doesn't show...
  9. B

    Fragile Clip on Fuel Filter

    I have just serviced my C270CDi & whilst replacing the fuel filter the plastic clip holding the central fuel pipe in place snapped:fail....for the sake of a 2p clip I had to buy a new pipe for £24 from MB. Having spoken to a friend who is a mechanic he said this is a common problem!!! Is it...
  10. M

    Boot clip

    Hi all, I have a Mercedes A208 (1998 CLK 230 Kompressor Convertible), and managed to damage the little clip in the boot that keeps the folding roof compartment in place. Don't know how else to describe it but have circled it in red in the attached picture. Any idea what these are called /...
  11. T

    slk 280 drivers side c pillar clip broken

    Hi Just noticed that my c pillar trim does not sit well near the top, roof end (trims either did of rear window) I had a look inside and the clip has broke near top I hear these are a pain to Change and am worried of water getting in Can water get in? Was thinking of getting some...
  12. gadget1960

    Bonnet badge fixing clip

    Sorry to post this again but still looking for the clip that fits the bonnet 3 pointed badge on a w210 e240 51reg: Anyone??
  13. gadget1960

    Bonnet badge round fixing clip

    Hi to all, a bit of a long shot this but ....does anyone happen to have a spare fixing clip for the 3 pointed star on the bonnet? I purchased one from e'bay and it did not come with the round fixing clip so is pretty much useless right now! I originally had the flat laurels badge which is an...
  14. Grovsie31

    MAF sensor clip?

    Plse delete found part no.
  15. J

    W211 Headlight Bulb Clip Wanted

    Hi, For some reason the bulb clip (like an opened paperclip) is missing on one of the headlights on my W211 with Xenons. Can anyone help? I'm completely stuck!!
  16. funga007

    Air intake pipe or just clip

    Hey guys looking for the whole intake pipe or just the clip that has broken and gone walkabouts. Finding it very difficult to get second hand engine parts for this engine. Thank you very much in advance.
  17. P

    W168 - driver mirror clip broken

    Some idiot flying through the lanes. I'd actually stopped because I could see this idiot coming. Hit my mirror. Glad to say theirs shattered into a thousand pieces. Best thing was I stopped they stopped. Went to speak to the driver, then went back to move my car (blocking road a little) and...
  18. S

    how to add short video clip to post

    Hi All Im trying to to find out how I can add a short video clip to my post in order to allow other members to hear a problem I'm having with a noise issue I'm having with my car , which the garage is finding difficulty identifying and rectifying. Look forward to all replies.
  19. D

    Wanted w202 window regulator clip

    Does anyone have the little clip that holds the regulator secure in the track that you clip it into. Checked ebay and cant find any
  20. Biglee

    R129 boot lid clip

    Does anyone know what the clip is supposed to hold on the bootlid of an early r129. It's to the right of the triangle at the back. Possibly the roof emergency spanner? Any pictures?
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