1. clk320x

    Some **** clipped my car

    Victim of a hit and run At the time I thought it was just the wing mirror as the glass had come off and indicator lense on it ever so slighly chipped Then when waxing the car, I saw the main damage... complete dent on right side rear quarter and door... absolutely livid right now...
  2. E

    Dealers driver clipped my car

    After having the thermostat fitted by the dealer xmas time they delivered the car back only to touch the driveway gate resulting to a very minor scratch on the rear bumper, they arranged for it to be buffed out & it looked great at the time, last week when we had a bit of sun you could see the...
  3. B

    Clipped my wing mirror

    Taking daughter No1 to school yesterday I made my usual right turn onto a narrow town road with parked cars on my right and double yellow lines on my left, so nothing parked on my side. It's about 100m before I need to turn left so proceeding slowly down this road I see a car coming through the...
  4. weebobster

    Ouch! Clipped wing mirror :-)

    Picture the scene.. I am driving down a narrow countrylane when I spot an oncoming car. I slow right down to a virtual standstill and am tight into the nearside. The car is going at some speed so I sound my horn. I can only but look on as I hear the crack of clipped wing mirrors and watch...
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