1. Sonny Burnett

    W208 exterior plastic clips Help

    Hi guys Finally had the wings changed for euro car parts ones which actually fit almost perfectly. My old wings and trims plastic clips where completely ruined and I need help sourcing replacements, images attached to show what it is exactly I'm after. Any help greatly appreciated. Sent...
  2. J


    hi and thanks for adding,i have a 2002 e320 w210,,,can someone please tell me what the little clips on top of the door trims that clip on door as well are called (metal) i cant find them anywhere ???? thanks
  3. B

    M156 Engine Cover Clips

    Hello, I am looking for the engine front / top cover retaining clips. MB Do not sell them separate from the cover so after some research I have found that a GM Clip fits and you can buy them in 25's from America. 1994-2017 Interior Trim Clips (25) GM 15748479 1/2" X 5/8" Does anyone...
  4. G

    W245 Grab Handle Fixing Clips x2

    I need a pair of fixing clips for a roof grab handle from a W245. Apparently, the ones from W169 is different - yes the two models share engines, dashboards, almost everything else, but something as important as grab handle fixing clip got to be individually designed... :doh: Anyway, it's...
  5. C

    W209 Front Engine Cover Clips

    Hi guys, Am looking for the front engine cover clips for my W209, as one of mine is damaged beyond repair and would like to replace it. EPC doesn't show a part/number and the dealer wants to sell me the entire cover... Any help please??? Pics of clip that is okay below. Cheers.
  6. C

    Front footwell carpet mat securing clips

    Does anyone know where I can find a set of these for my w210? I will be searching the scrappies this week, I just wondered if there is a part number for them or anywhere to get them online? In my searches so far I can only find more mats! Or people in america that have found them! :wallbash:
  7. W

    clips part number or supplier

    Hi Guys, I have a mercedes C Class W203 Estate, I am searching for the plastic clips that retain the trim on the inside of the tailgate. I see there are many after market clips available but many give the original part number as reference. Where to get the part number? Any suggestions...
  8. milleplod

    R500 seatbelt clips.

    One of the 3rd-row seatbelt retaining clips has broken - not a major issue really, but it means the parcel shelf catches on the belt when its retracting....annoying indeed! I've trawled the 'net looking for the part number, but to no avail. I've attached a pic of the clip - just wondered if...
  9. Trickythemerc

    Fuel Pipe Clips

    Where will I be able to get my hands on Some genuine fuel pipe clips for the filter on my 220 CDI..:dk:Being a bit fussy I don't want to use jubilee clips,do they have an MB part No. ?
  10. J

    Wheel well lining removal - clips or push button??

    Anyone know how to remove these clips holding the lining on from inside the wheel well?
  11. M

    2012 e63 rear sunshade clips broken..

    Hi, The connectors to the bar for the rear window electric shade have snapped. Is this a common issue and can they be replaced? Regards Matt.
  12. CowleyStJames

    No wire clips holding high beam h7 bulbs in

    I have a 60 plate C200 Executive SE Cdi and had to replace a high beam H7 bulb today. There wasn't a sprung wire clip to hold the bulb in place just seems to push in. Both low beam bulbs have a spring clip but neither of my highs. Is that correct or have mine gone missing? Nothing mentioned...
  13. Mike Walker

    W124 300 TE Interior - sun visor clips x2

    As above in grey required please. These are the plastic clips that the visor is restrained by and not those where it is hinged. WHY :dk:
  14. P

    Clips on air box over the battery on SLK R172

    SLK 350 R172. I am trying to find a supplier of the little screw clips that hold the lid to the battery compartment on. The lid also acts as an air intake duct for the cabin air. Mercedes say that the thumbscrew part of the clip is only available with the air box.
  15. Z

    clips that hold plastic trim on roof

    Hi can anybody tell me if you can buy the plastic clips that hold the painted plastic strips that are on the roof of the W221 a couple of mine are broken ,has anybody got the part number,is there anywhere I can get them online,as going into the temple of mercedes main dealer and asking for a few...
  16. S

    S211 high level brake light removal of clips?

    I've got a rattle from somewhere near the high level brake light. I tried to remove it to take a look. Removed the outer fabric trim piece and 4 plastic nuts from the back of the brake light but there are 2 other fixings that I couldn't remove - they look like those horrible expanding platic...
  17. BIG_G_1979

    clips for boot carpet lid

    Hi guys does anyone have the part number of these clips? Its the hinge point for the boot carpet in my w211 as you can see from the pics one clip has broken thanks in advance
  18. Grey Area

    W202 wing moulding clips... Help me find some!

    Hi all, need some help finding the above. Think I may have sourced some from ebay, but it says they're not compatible with w202's. However, I'm like 90% sure they're what I'm after. Here's the link. The other day I was reading a thread and someone posted a link to an ebay shop that seemed to...
  19. marty359

    Evomax video clips

    So my microphones knackered, the lens has a scratch on it and my new camera was delivered 1 hour after I left for vmax :doh: Rashman has some clips and evo were there filming but for now here's a low budget production :) Evomax Vmax 200 La Ferrari, GTR, AMG, R8, - YouTube...
  20. J

    Undertray Clips

    Has anyone got a contact name/eBay link etc. for the under tray plastic clips for a W163 M class? Or better still a decent Fir Tree version that will fit an 8mm hole in the body Ta
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