clk 16

  1. I

    CLK 16" Alloys

    Set of four 16" alloys for sale. These were taken off my 2001 CLK. Tyres are 2 x Continental with about 2mm tread, 1 x Pirelli & 1 x Viking both with approx 4mm tread. Alloys are in decent condition apart form one which is slightly damaged but not had any issues. Please see pics. £80...
  2. anarchy-inc

    CLK 16" wheels

    Can someone tell me what the part number should be for my CLK wheels? I found a set on ebay that are listed as being for the CLK and show this number: 71/2x16H2ET41 They are dirt cheap and would make an ideal set to replace my "well curbed" set. I need to get mine re-furbed but I've got...
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