1. EDZ649

    CLK Convertible wanted

    Hi all, I've decided I need another MB, one my wife will like too as it will be our only car so I'm looking for a high spec CLK Convertible. Would prefer under 100k miles, full history, be in excellent condition throughout, must have front and rear parking sensors, heated seats, sat nav and be...
  2. S

    CLK 320 W208 performance / codes

    Hi, So a few months back now I was chasing a gremlin that was causing my car to lose power and then judder heavily at idle. I replaced the MAF, TPS, leads, coils, fuel filter etc to no avail. I visited an independent Merc Specialist twice who charged me an hour labour each time...
  3. L

    mercedes 209 clk 280 sport

    Hi i'm looking for a garage to take my clk 280 sport to have a new balance shaft fitted.can anybody recommend me someone that's good near london.
  4. M

    Mercedes CLK 220CDI Instrument Cluster

    Good Evening Enthusiasts, I've been reading this forum for years and never made an account, I bought my first car (CLK 220CDI - Yes insurance is high...) I've never had any issues and I love it to pieces. Getting in it today however and things starting going a little haywire so I hope...
  5. B

    Clk 320 04/05/06

    Hello I'm after a clk 320 convertible, must have following spec: Leather (Have seen a few without) Parktronic Heated seats Service history Navigation and Amg wheels a bonus. Ideally under mileage ideally under 120k, budget is £5k ish
  6. B

    Clk w209

    Hello all! I'm looking to purchase a clk 320 convertible, ideally after 2004 so it has the newer style interior. I was initially looking at a 350 but the balancer shaft issues put me off. The 320 appears to be bullet proof, apart from 12 spark plugs which can be a little dear is there any...
  7. estate-agent

    Checking oil level CLK 320 CDI Sport

    Hi all, Probably a dumb question but I'm struggling with finding oil level check on speedo cluster. I don't have the handbook to check the "how to". It's easy on my 270 CLK as it's a simple option from steering wheel controls, not so it seems on my 320 CDI Sport! I have tried putting the...
  8. estate-agent

    CLK 270 CDI (silver - new mot) £2000

    Selling my faithful CLK due to upgrade. Late 2003 (53 plate) 270 CDI Elegance - Silver - Auto 131,000 miles with loads of history. Full years MOT. I have owned the car for about 2.5 years and absolutely love it. The 2.7 motor is great! for less than half the money of a 320 CDI I still...
  9. B

    W209 CLK Parktronic and Mult-contour seats not working

    Hi I have a 2006 CLK and the Parktronic which has displays front and rear is off and also the multi-contour seats do not work. I thought it was a fuse because they both share fuse 13 but it is fine. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks
  10. C

    CLK wood trim update

    Hi. Has anyone removed all the wood trim from a W208 and sprayed it or covered it? Any trim tools needed/advice? Thanks
  11. S

    Clk 320 w208

    2002 51plate. CLK 320 Auto coupe in Blue elegance v6 147k approx. Mot till about Dec. Grey leather interior Not much history, just odds and ends. Four decent tyres. Well maintained but obviously at this age has a few issues which I will list here so you know in honesty. 1)...
  12. W

    CLK 208 Roof Problem

    This is my first post. I have bought a 2003 CLK 320 recently. The roof opens only with a helping hand at the start to get it past the first bend in the frame. When first opened at the the front catch it pops up about 10-15 cm and then the back bits sort themselves out. However, when the...
  13. T

    2006 clk 320cdi how can I tell if I have fibre optics?

    Hi, Is there an easy way of telling if my car has fibre optics? I have read such things as if you have navigation (which I do) Then yes I have it. Also such things as unless there's a sub woofer in the back seats then I dont.( which I don't) I don't know where to look in the boot of the...
  14. R

    CLK convertible 2005 (05) aftermarket stereo

    Hi all, as this is my first post please forgive me if I am covering old topics. It's just that I am struggling to find an alternative aftermarket stereo for my 05 CLK convertible. It is the trapezoidal stereo that is 254mm across the top and not the slightly later 260mm of which there are many...
  15. S

    54 plate clk

    could anyone explain how to remove cd /radio ,please
  16. B

    CLK W209 Strange Roof Problem

    Hi guys - wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing this issue. After a long drive, or if the car has been sat in the sun and has got really hot, the roof will not open. The windows come partially down and the front section of the roof slightly detaches but the back is...
  17. astamir

    free to go grey rear seat covers for clk w208

    Hi guys As the title says I've got a rear seats covers in grey leather in a good condition if anyone interested you can collect them from London
  18. Myclk55amg

    Mercedes clk 55 amg

    Good condition genuine Mercedes clk 55 amg 65,853 miles,the lowest currently for sale on the internet. The car benefits from optional extras such as,keyless go, electric rear blind,sunroof,Nokia mobile phone and charging point under the armrest,as well as the usual air conditioning,sat...
  19. C

    manual procedure for softop clk 208

    hello Here i wrote the manual procedure for softop clk 208 I'm french so it is french langage:rolleyes: sorry If it can help somebody ....
  20. D

    Clk w209 front grill mercedes star

    Wanted front grill star for my clk 2005 diameter 16 cm
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