1. BigRussJepson

    A208 Clk200 2001 wont crank. Starting intermittent.

    Hi, This has probs been partly covered but........ So, I have a 2001 clk 200 komp cabrio with 95000 miles on her. Last week I came to it at 07.00 am (10 degrees c temp) and she wouldnt crank, the previous night it had been running for at least an hour and i drive her at least 400 miles a...
  2. M

    2009(09) mercedes clk200 amg sport kompressor convertible automatic cabriolet

    Full Details Mercedes CLK200 Kompressor AMG Sport Convertible Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 31st July 2009 – 09 Reg • Two Owners From New • 46,416 miles only with Mercedes Service History (See Below) • 1.8 Litre Engine •...
  3. M

    2007(56) mercedes clk200 amg sport kompressor convertible automatic cabriolet red

    Full Details: Mercedes CLK200 Kompressor AMG Sport Convertible Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 25th January 2007 – 56 Reg • Three Owners From New • 66,001 miles only with Full Service History (See Below) • 1.8 Litre Engine •...
  4. D

    HeadUnit 2006 CLK200 Kompressor W209

    Hi All My wife brought her car home and told me that her screen on the radio was very hot to touch and "bubbling" I know it sounds strange but yes the bottom right hand corner of the headunit (not quite a 1/4 of the screen) has bubbled or sort of melted - it looks more like a plastic film had...
  5. 1

    Autobox/TC issues W209 CLK200

    Hi Guys, I have a 2009 W209 CLK200 Kompressor with the 722.6 auto gearbox Since I bought the car, the transmission has been showing a few issues 1) When holding the car in drive or reverse using the brake at a stop, I can feel a vibration, this is definitely coming from the...
  6. 1

    CLK200 W209 Vibration Issue

    Hi Guys, Just purchase a 2009 CLK200 Kompressor convertible automatic I am having an issue that when holding the car on the brake at a standstill, I feel a vibration through the entire car, in all other situations the drive is faultless and if you change into neutral everything is as...
  7. S

    New MB owner

    Hi all my names Nick I'm another new owner of the Mercedes brand it should of happened years ago but circumstances didn't allow it to happen, well that changed two weeks ago and now I own a CLK200 kompressor convertible it's not brand new but then I've never had a brand new car in my life!!! I...
  8. jack1990

    Clk200 cluster help

    Hi all, I have bought a speedo cluster set from a breaker and they work when I installed them. The only problem is the mileage of the car will not show. Using a star diagnostics how am I able to reset the new unit because it is paired with the car it was removed from? All help is appreciated!!!
  9. jack1990

    Clk200 2007 cluster wanted!!

    Hi all, Sent my cluster off to be repaired and it could not be done. Anyone know of any clusters going from this year car? Thanks Jack
  10. jack1990

    Clk200 2007 electrical issues

    Hi all, My account won't let me access electronics area :/ Yesterday when I turned my car on the cluster was totally blank no revs, speedo, indicators etc but engine started fine. Today the engine wont idle steady and its revving up itself and me pressing the throttle doesn't make any...
  11. jack1990

    Clk200 servicing

    Hi all, my 07 clk200 kompressor is due a service. It is on 101000 miles and says on the dash that service a is due. Could someone please tell me what needs done on this service. Thanks
  12. jack1990

    Noisy CLK200 on startup

    Hi all, I'm just after a bit of advice. Recently my 2007 clk200 kompressor has been tappety during startup when it's cold in the morning or night. Anyone know what this could be? Thanks
  13. Taipan

    05 CLK200 exhaust front section blowing?

    Hi All Noticed the exhaust is blowing slightly on my 2005 CLK200K. Its at the front somewhere but after lifting the bonnet its not the manifold. So I guess that's the front section that will need replacing? Cant see a thing looking at it from under the bonnet or underneath the car? Does the...
  14. F

    W209 CLK200 Oil leak behind alternator

    Hi, My CLK lost about 1.5 litres of oil in 2k miles. I found the alternator was dripping wih oil. After a lot of searching I have tracked down the oil leak to a plastic plug on right hand side of the engine block, just behind the alternator and and below the power steering pump. Does any one...
  15. I

    Clk200 supercharger stopped working

    hello, iv only just joined this forum so i hope you are all well.. im hoping for some genius to help me out please, supercharger is playing up.. iv had the car a couple of years and last year the supercharger stopped working (while on holiday) after 2 days it started working again ! no...
  16. M

    Clk200 w208

    Hi , my kick down is so sluggish, it's not worth having it. It red lines in the gears when it works.when it kicks down a gear it feels like its holding back until I let pressure off accelerator a little then it will go right up to red line. I am very new to this mechanical thing but I have...
  17. P

    New member : CLK200 (w209)

    Hello all, So after lots of deliberating I finally got myself a CLK200K (w209), my first mb. Any tips tricks or advice is appreciated. Hopefully in the coming months I want to try tweak/mod it a bit but try keeping it an Oem look...
  18. B

    Hello All. CLK200 cabriolet user.

    Has any one experienced winter tyres on these rear wheel drive cars??
  19. Teessidelad31

    Bluetooth craddle Iphone4 for a CLK200

    Hi I've just purchase a 55 plate CLK200K Cabriolet Sport and looking for a HFP CRADDLE for my iPhone 4. Thanks
  20. S

    dash not working in clk200 w209

    has anyone experienced problem with dash in clk - i have a 2004 clk200 - the dash has totally failed nothing whatsoever works on it, no lighting nothing at all, it is totally dead - car starts on the button drives fine, radio works, indicators work lights work everything works exept the...
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