1. D

    friend selling clk230 with mot 52 plate blue with leather

    no problem with the car must be disposed off 1k ono if u pm will pass his no for more info direct from him
  2. W

    C208 CLK230 - V. Noisy Kompressor

    Hi All, First post, wish it was a happier one! While on a motorway I noticed a strange noise as I accelerated which I initially thought was the exhaust blowing but after a bit of checking it is as the kompressor kicks in. It still seems to operate (although it was nursed home 90 miles...
  3. 837richardt

    Clk230 cabby

    Clk230 convertible, excellent condition in and out, full service history, 103k, full mot, 2000 X reg, drives and looks lovely, more pics available, any questions please message or call me, I am selling this car for a family member 07837082463
  4. B

    2003 CLK230 Convertible

    Colleague of mine has the above car. The Power roof doesn't seem to work. When you unlock the roof and lift it the windows go down and the switch lights up You can hear a click from the rear when you press the button but nothing seems to happen. Anyone have any ideas before I go stripping it...
  5. 9

    W208 CLK230 mini restoration...

    Hello all, newbie here! I'm attempting to recommission a 1999 CLK 230 Cabriolet that's been laid up for almost 3 years. At the moment I've got it running and driving and have stripped most of the interior to get it properly dried out. So far I've encountered quite a few electrical...
  6. K

    Rubbing rattling noise ...w208 clk230

    Hi When the fuel tank gets below about half full I get a rubbing or scraping sound from nearside mid/rear underneath. having searched the forum, I see fuel tank baffles being an issue on some models, but does this apply to the w208? I first noticed it with 4 people in the car so assumed it was...
  7. B

    Clk230 2001 front grill

    Hi, I'm looking for a front grill for the above, not sure if there are any different types. This is my first MB. The car is off for some paint in the next couple of weeks and would make sense to change it at the same time. Cheers Bub. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. A

    CLK230 Kompressor - Lumpy on Startup

    Hi, I am hoping someone can shed some light on this..... I have a 2000 CLK230 Kompressor, On startup it is extremely 'lumpy'. Revving between 500 and 1000rpm continuously up and down. I can leave it standing until it warms up but doesn't change until it has been driven. When driving...
  9. P

    clk230 maf fault

    Hi all, newbie here with first post! I have a 2000 clk230 with the engine warning light on, fault was read as a faulty maf sensor. I purchased a new VDO maf and fitted, light was turned off by local garage using code reader. a couple of hours later the light is back on! , i presume its the maf...
  10. M

    clk230 battery flat. Can't open boot.

    Hi guys, I've got a 2003 clk230 and the battery has gone flat. I cannot open the boot with the remote. I can open the door with the key but not the boot. Any ideas on how to get into the boot to change the battery? Cheers Mike
  11. mark_le_b


    2000 MERCEDES CLK 230 MODIFIED | eBay Wow
  12. D

    2003 CLK230 Sat Nav

    Hi, i just bought a 52 plate CLK320 and it has an old style radio in. Does anyone know if i can remove the radio and insert a sat nav? If yes, where can i get the instructions to do it and what sat nav should i get? Thanks for helping.
  13. K

    CLK230 codes P0246 P0107

    Hi, Did quite a bit of search on the topic, but couldn't get anything relevant. When I drive the car (or my gf) and suddenly stop sharp, the car goes into some awkward behaviour, misfiring and stuff. After switching the engine off for a few minutes, it drives normally again. Today, I read...
  14. J

    w208 clk230

    my clk 230 compressor has no power it idles smoothly. I pluged it in and got 0110 (intake temp sensor) and 0100 maf. A mechanic advised me to unplug the maf and if the performance to replace it. I tried unplugging the maf but it made no difference. Any help would be much appreciated Jan.
  15. G


    Hi I have recently moved back to UK from living in Turkey for past 16 years and looking at buying a clk230 convertible on a 2002 plate. (Not that there's much sun around Newcastle of late :D ) Hoping to glean some info on reliability and what i should look out for in respect of purchasing the...
  16. M

    clk230 komp

    hello, i have just joined this forum as i have a clk230 komp x reg that i have enjoyed for a couple of years now having bought it cheap with a EIS fault, unfortunately it has reared its ugly head again and i am buying a 4x4 for more practical reasons. i was thinking of breaking the car as i am...
  17. K

    CLK230 mayo on the oil dipstick

    Hi, Cannot find anything specific on this anywhere. So, I checked the engine oil and there was a bit of mayo at the end of the dipstick. Nothing however underneath the oil cap. I know that if the car was used for short journeys it could be some water accumulation, so took it for a...
  18. K

    CLK230 W208 boot locking problem

    Hi all, I have a rather pressing issue (due to its nature). I recently bought a clk, it's a lovely car, nearly everything is perfect, but I have noticed that there is a boot locking problem. Here's what happens: When I use the electric car key and lock the car, the doors lock perfect...
  19. alphawing

    W208 CLK230 Kompressor (1998) lazy at mornings

    Greetings everyone ..hows it going? Im a proud owner of a w208..quite a thirsty thing but still love it hehe its just an awesome car. I do have one issue with it tho...every morning the first 2-5 minutes i can feel the engine very lazy at low revs ..i have to go to 3k+ for the ride to be...
  20. I

    Towing with a CLK230 Auto tip

    hi, wondering if anyone can give me some advice we have recently bought a lunar eclipse with has a rough gross weigh of about 1150KG the kerb weight of the clk is around 1450gk according to parkers guide with a BHP of 197 does anyone know if my car can suitably pull the caravan ?
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