1. D

    Clk270 2005 aux cable

    Hi all, I haven't got the aux cable in the glove box amd i know there is a cable available to buy and connect to the cable on passenger side door bottom, but before i start ripping off all the plastics and carpets maybe someone could tell me if i have it waiting for me there or not. Thanks a lot
  2. B

    What seatc cleaner to use for CLK270 2003 CDI

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could recommend a seat cleaner for my Mercedes CLK270 CDI 2003? Thanks,
  3. T

    2003 CLK270 W209 Wiper bush

    Hi guys, my elderly CLK270cdi is struggling on a few points and the one that's most pressing is the wiper issue I have gained this week. The passenger side wiper stopped making contact with the screen - and on inspection it's the little rubber bush that connects the arm itself to the wiper...
  4. G

    CLK270 Cdi 2004

    I have a warning light on and the code P0100 Bank 2/5 (hot film mass airflow sensor) signal voltage low. Can anyone offer assistance to help cure
  5. chubbs111

    clk270 panel remove

    i am hoping to change the standard stereo in my 2003 clk270,i am fitting a double din and i have ordered a fascia panel,can anyone tell me how to remove the panel above the ashtray that goes around the stereo please.
  6. P

    CLK270 Fuel Consumption; What to expect?

    I've had a CLK270 for a few months now and the fuel consumption hasn't been great. The on-board computer indicates I'm doing between 35>40mpg on average over a combination of town driving and straight runs. All the tyres are good, levels are fine, 8000+ before next service, not driven with a...
  7. B

    Clk270 glow plugs

    My Mercedes clk270 cdi has been a pain to start recently so was thinking the glow plugs are dead or at least a couple are but after checking them have found they're all ok. So I turned my attention to the relay as I no there's a common problem with these. I've checked all wires and have...
  8. L

    Noise on clk270

    Hi all some advise please. I have a 03 clk270 cdi auto. It has developed diesel\piston knock sound at around 2-2500 rpm on light throttle. As the auto box changes up you can hear it,or if you put it in gear manually and raise the rev's , but only on light throttle or cruising. If you accelerate...
  9. A

    Front headrest removal CLK270 Cdi 55 plate

    Hello there, i want to remove the headrest from the front seats on my Clk 270 cdi 55 plate , i can get the headrest to the top limit but they will not come out of the seat can anybody tell me how to do it please ?
  10. Nemecys

    CLK220 vs CLK270 - Mileage vs Year

    Hey guys, I have a £10k budget, looking to upgrade and really feeling the total quality of the CLK. Looked at some CLC's not a fan of the hatchback attempt at coupe, and heard the build quality is the lowest you can get (Basically a C Class), heard the CLK is basically an E type /higher...
  11. T

    CLK270 CDi Breather Pipe Oil Leak?

    Hi All, my first post here. I am looking at buying a CLK 270CDi 2004 with approx. 123,000 miles. The car has a stamped service history, the last few were at a Mercedes specialist. The one I like appears to have an oily sludge leaking from what I think is the small breather pipe that runs from...
  12. Blobsta

    CLK270 Avantgarde - 6sp Manual £2850

    On eBay for £2995, but I'll start the arguing at £2850 for forum members. Ideally call me on 07973 294825 as I'm not near a computer all day to respond. Thanks, Richard. Selling as I have had the car for over 4 years and 80,000 miles; I feel it is time for a change. Mercedes CLK270...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    My Old CLK270 CDI

    Mercedes 270 CDi CLK Auto | eBay Better alloys than what I had on it
  14. esprit200

    Crunching / Popping from front end CLK270

    Hello! I have an issue with my CLK270 CDI (2002). When turning right hand down at low speeds, a nasty crunching or creaking / and popping sound is audible from the front end. The noise occurs when the car is in motion both forwards and backwards, but only when steering right, and only...
  15. esprit200

    Electric seats CLK270 partial operation

    Hello! I have an issue with the electric seat adjustment in my 2002 CLK on the driver's side. All functions operate excepting the seat back recline and head rest. The seat will recline forward (incline? un-recline? decline?) but not backwards, and the head rest will go up but not down...
  16. S

    Odd loss of power CLK270 2004 D auto

    Driving home tonight from work and had odd loss of power foot to the floor and it barely picked up speed above 70mph 2000RPM. No cruise control on and in Drive (not accidentally knocked it down a gear). it felt like the engine was only responding to the first inch of acceleration depression...
  17. Bstanden


    Hi, Hopefully someone knows a quick fix.. I have a clk270 54 plate facelift with audio 20 .. I brought a BT cradle of recent I can connect my samsung s4 up too the cradle fine. But for some reason on the command it says no phone. No sound comes through the audio 20 system but like i say the...
  18. S

    Engine temperature CLK270 Diesel

    Had my CLK for a couple of weeks now but the engine temperature is always around 50-60 degrees even when driving on the motorway is this right seems to low surely it should be nearer 80. It comes up slightly when coming off the motorway into slow traffic but still Hoovers just above 60. any...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    My CLK270 CDI with Factory fit AMG kit + Quad Exhausts

    Testing the waters here :thumb: Right where do I start! -2003 W209 CLK270 CDI 'Avantgarde' currently on 111k -Factory fitted AMG kit very few of these available! -Factory fitted AMG springs & shocks -OEM AMG Quad Exhaust -CLK63 AMG Front bumper -55mpg+ on motorway -35mpg+ around town...
  20. Z

    Advice on a clk270 cdi

    Hi all, I've finally decided to get myself a mb, currently i drive a Nissan qashqai and have decided to go for a clk270. My current budget is around £4500 ive seen a few floating about within budget, however these cars are in the 100k + mileage range, so I'm left with a few questions 1)...
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