1. M

    2008(08) mercedes clk280 3.0 v6 amg sport convertible automatic obsidian black

    Full Details Mercedes CLK280 Sport Convertible 3.0 V6 Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 1st March 2008 – 08 Reg • 66,620 miles only with Part Service History • 3.0 Litre V6 Engine • CO2 Emissions: 229 g/km • 7 Speed Automatic & Tiptronic...
  2. Dizz

    CLK320 or CLK280?

    I'm looking at buying either a 2005 CLK320 or a 2006 CLK280 with the 7G-Tronic gearbox, there's not much in it price wise so which would be the better choice? I know bugger all about the 7G Tronic gearbox is it better/reliable? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. S

    Clk280 convertible. 2005 slipped tooth

    Hi all. I have the option to buy a mercedes w209 2005 clk280 101k miles for £600. The engine seems to have slipped a tooth and doesnt start. The assumption is that the chain has slipped, a number of valves have bent hence the owner wants to get rid. Ive been reading about these engines...
  4. fabes

    CLK280 - Views on advice for full vs interim service

    Evening So 4,500 and 11 months on from a full B service and ATF change, the CLK tells me it needs an A service. Consequences of mainly using it for short trips...... Booked it in for an A service, but when i asked ballpark cost, was told £250 to £300. Obviously way too much for what i...
  5. DelDrew

    M272 E30 (CLK280) Hesitation when cold

    Hi everyone, So I'm a newbie here and been pouring over the various threads picking up loads of really useful information. I've just bought a 2007 CLK280 convertible as a 2nd car. It was a bargain price but it does need a little TLC! So, the first issue that I'd love some advice on, is a...
  6. B

    CLK280 2006 - Fault codes P0025, P0128, P2767 showing - help please

    Hi, I recently had my CLK280 2006 (3L Petrol) car scanned because the Engine light had come on, it threw up three fault codes - the details are: - Continuous camshaft adjustment (left) : incorrect position of the exhaust camshaft (P0025) - Component Y110 (Three - disk thermostat valve) jams...
  7. bassist

    Lovely CLK280 Convertible

    My daughter's car. She has just purchased a new GLA. This a lovely CLK in very good order Link to Autotrader advert below. Any interest please PM with email to reply. Mercedes-Benz CLK 3.0 CLK280 Sport 7G-Tronic 2dr
  8. fabes

    7g transmission modes - CLK280

    Hi new (to me) 09 reg CLK 280 and just a quick question re the C vs S transmission mode. Is it purely that S holds the revs longer or does it also change gear quicker, kick down quicker / 2 gears? Also, are there updates for the 7G box released by MB-I know other manufacturers sometimes...
  9. fabes

    CLK280 - how to check service

    Hi new (to me) 09 reg CLK280 with 7G and one of many questions Car has mixed/not all MB service history. Local trader I purchased it from gave it an oil change and level top up. How do I best find out what it actually needs (in case another level etc. is needed)? I am intending to pop...
  10. gunning

    CLK280 sport for sale

    Due to a change of direction in my business I need a commercial vehicle so I'm purchasing a discovery commercial. This clk is totally obsolete now as I have a 911 as a weekend car. In my short ownership I've sent it to the local MB indi and it was given a health check and had a new antirole...
  11. A

    Tips on buying 2005 '55' 209 CLK280

    Hi, I am going to view with the intention of buying the car in the link below on Saturday. However although I know a little bit about cars I generally always take someone that is more knowledgable with me but this time no one is available. Can any one give me some tips on things to look for...
  12. CraigBEDS

    2005 CLK280 burning smell/smoke

    I recently got a 2005 clk280 and after having it a week the engine management light came on. A couple of times I have pulled into the garage and smelt a burning smell. this morning when I got to work there was the smell againa nd smoke coming out under the drivers side of the front bumper by the...
  13. K

    2006 CLK280 Service B

    Hi guys, My 2006 clk280 has done 59k and needs a service B. Do you guys roughly know how much it would cost at a specialist rather than a main dealer? Also needs a aircon regas and rear discs and pads.. I got a quote from a local specialist osbornes today and was quoted for service b...
  14. J

    Clk280 Sport Convertible Balancer Shaft? 2005

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but not new to owning a mercedes. Had a few issues with the car and only had it 6 weeks, not a good sign! Just wanted people's opinions if the following fault codes are the dreaded balancer shaft issue? They are as follows:- 0522 - Diagnosis of tumble flat intake...
  15. C

    CLK280 Sport 2006

    So what MPG could I realistically hope to get with one of the above cars? I have used a fuel calculator and it says I could do my current journey to work which is 83 miles mostly motorway and in off peak times and it would cost me around £14 x 2 when I do the sums on my last car (Honda civic...
  16. N

    2009 clk280

    Evening all :thumb: I'm thinking of buying a 2009 CLK280 coupe. Are they a reliable Mercedes? Is there anything I should be aware of when buying?
  17. finisterre

    CLK280 or CLK320 - does it matter?

    We are thinking about buying a CLK cabriolet. The Audi was good and the Saab was too but the CLK was slightly swisher and we fancy a bit of swish. It seems the 280 has power higher up the revs and a 7 speed auto. The 320 has more torque lower mpg and a 5 speed auto. We tried a 320 and it...
  18. I

    CLK280 performance on hills

    I have just traded my 1996 E320 on a 2006 CLK280 (3.0 ltr V6 with 7G auto sports pack) and have covered only 300kms in it. I live in a hilly town and today for the first time used my CLK in left turn from a level street into a hilly street. This is something I have done many times in my E320...
  19. I

    2006 c209 clk280

    I am looking at purchasing a 2006 CLK 280 and I thought that the 2006 model is a 7 speed auto, but a friend advises that this is not necessarliy so. The car has a sports pack, factory fitted I have been told and has "flappy paddles" on the steering wheel to use with the "M" setting gear...
  20. wxmclk

    Clk280 W209

    Anyone know how the heated exterior mirrors should operate on my CLK 280 please? My off side mirror always seems warm (when car running) though I thought operation dependant on activating heated rear screen? By contrast near side mirror seems much cooler. Also noticed that mirror (again driver...
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