1. S

    A209 CLK320 2003 roof not quite closing correctly by rear windscreen

    My roof closes fine but at the very last moment when the fabric tucks into the rear windscreen, a small section of material about the size of half a golf ball bunches up and sits as a clump on the outside edge of the rear windscreen on the lower right hand corner. If I stop the mechanism from...
  2. J

    Front 17" Alloy for CLK320

    I have buckled the front alloy on my 2004 year CLK 320. The tyres are 225 x 45 xR17. I am looking for a replacement if anyone has one or can advise a reputable supplier. Thanks for your help.
  3. T

    W209 CLK320 oil filer tool?

    Need to give the other half's CLK an oil change soon but don't have a mb oil filter cap socket, what am I googling for?/partnumber maybe? Any help much appreciated :-) Sent from my P6000 Pro using Tapatalk
  4. Dizz

    Done it! - New clk320

    Just bought my first Mercedes, a 2004 CLK320. Been on the drive for ten minutes and here's the first picture [emoji846]
  5. Dizz

    CLK320 or CLK280?

    I'm looking at buying either a 2005 CLK320 or a 2006 CLK280 with the 7G-Tronic gearbox, there's not much in it price wise so which would be the better choice? I know bugger all about the 7G Tronic gearbox is it better/reliable? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. clk320x

    My CLK320

    Hey guys! After purchasing my CLK320 in 2016, I thought it was finally time to post a thread on it; detailing all the work I have done to it. I saw the car advertised on Autotrader, around 30 mins from my house and we headed over straight away. It had the AMG kit, the nice 3.2L M112 engine...
  7. D

    Advice on replacing timing chain CLK320

    Hi Everyone, Hope you can advise concerning when and if I should replace Timing Chain on my 2005 CLK 3.2 coupe. It is approaching 120K miles and there are as yet no problems with the chain currently. I have read advice from a number of forums some saying leave well alone and others saying...
  8. Stray Cat

    W208 clk320 rear interior light dome

    Hi Guys Can anyone help me with this?... Wanted to change the int. bulbs to LED but when I went to check the rear dome I stopped after removing the unit from the roof lining. I've got the whole unit out of the lining but I don't see how the clear lens detaches fro the main unit. I've managed...
  9. Margaret 207

    CLK320 engine cuts out

    Hi, I recently bought a CLK320 Elegance. Have had it anout 3 weeks and the other day the engine cut out on me. Wouldn't start again so had to push it to the side of the road and leave it there until I could get some help to get it recovered. A few hours later turned key and it started no...
  10. pcthrillrider

    water pump 2005 clk320

    hi all, started car this morning and a noise was coming from the water pump pully, i popped the bonnet and the pully was quite wobbly when running. i recently changed the idler and tensioner pully and belt, the water pump pully did have play so i knew it needed doing soon. my Q is does anybody...
  11. clk320x

    CLK320 v6 anyone had res delete on similar emgine

    Anyone had a res delete on a v6 Seems a cheap way to get a nicer exhaust noise? Got a CLK320 exhaust is rather quiet for my liking Anyone done similar? Got a video? Any motorway drone or MOT issues? Cheers guys Abs
  12. SeanWRX

    W208 CLK320 electrical gremlins. One solved, another furtile :(

    Hi all. I am a newbie (introduction thread here: Borrowing a year 2000 w208 CLK320 off a mate, with a view to buying it off him if I get on with it and its auto gearbox (never driven an auto before). I have two...
  13. clk320x

    CLK320 rev

    Normally never even rev up car however today stuck in neutral and put foot down. For some reason it capped out around 4100rpm and wouldn't get into the red. Others in car said it's not normal? What could be wrong? Cheers
  14. mymini007

    2001 clk320

    Hi all, I have been asked by my Aunt to see if there would be any interest in their car as they have just bought a new E350 It's a 2000/2001 CLK 130000 on the clock. They have owned the car for 14 years. Unfortunately my uncle is not one for paperwork and had a clear out because the...
  15. T

    Air Con Control panel on 2003 CLK320 (209)

    Hi. I was removing my panel to get behind my radio. while disconnecting the air con panel, one of the connections broke. There are 2 connectors on the rear of the panel, large and small. It was the small that broke. Its a bit like a crimp on a cable, which plugs into the rear of the panel. As...
  16. N

    2001 CLK320 Avantgarde (W208) - need quick sale

    Hi. I have another car coming at the end of the week so I need to unfortunately let my CLK320 go :( . I've had it for around 12 months and it's been perfect. All it needed in my time is the oil change and petrol. It's a great car and it's a shame to see it go but needs must - I just don't have...
  17. R

    w208 CLK320 Gearbox Oil

    I have bought dipstick to check the auto box oil levels clk 320 (yr 2000). When I put it in, it goes in and then hits something "springy" and I can push in a little further. Should I be measuring the level at the top without pushing the extra against the springiness? Thanks
  18. E

    2005 Clk320 gearbox question

    Hi all, like most at first I have been lurking, reading gathering information in the background. Now I need some advice after addressing the rocker cover gaskets and sealing those leaks,I still noticed an oil burning smell when the car was warm and stationary. I have removed both under trays...
  19. N

    Mercedes 2004 CLK320 Owner and new member

    Hi all, Name is Nick and just joined the MBCLUB. Maybe you met me at Benz on the Green last weekend. Glad to be here, and look forward to more meetings. Nick.
  20. M

    2004(04) mercedes clk320 avantgarde convertible v6 automatic silver cabriolet

    Full Details: Mercedes CLK320 Avantgarde Convertible Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 6th April 2004 – 04 Reg • 106,162 miles only with Good Service History (see below) • 3.2 Litre V6 Engine • Automatic & Tiptronic Transmission • ABS • SRS...
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