1. K

    W209 CLK500 Camber Bolts

    May I have some advise please folks (and apologies if this subject has been covered in some length before - Couldnt find a previous CLK topic for it) I'll be getting the alignment (camber/cast/etc.) on a hunter machine next few weeks but aware I need to pick these up rear camber bolts before...
  2. R

    2003 CLK500 Keys

    First off let me apologise if this is old news - not to me and I'm struggling to find anything on here. Second not sure if the fact that mine is a 500 has any relevance but just in case. I have two push button keys for the car but one stopped working today with no warning so changed the...
  3. astamir

    w209 2004 clk500 break or not to break it?

    Hi guys! I've got a clk500 on a 54 plate that I bought recently with a small front bump and it's a cat D with 160000 miles on the clock I'm not convinced yet either to brake it or sell it as it is I will put some pics up here and the parts price list and if there will be enough interest I might...
  4. astamir

    w209 clk500 parts needed

    Hi guys I'm after the complete front slampanel , radiators and front xenon headlights Give me a shout if anyone has some of those. Cheers
  5. astamir

    KV54 UVX CLK500 any info ?

    Hi guys! Does anyone know the car with the reg KV54 UVX or the owner might be here on the forum. Trying to chase as much as possible info like SH and previous jobs ahs been done. Thanks in advance fellas.))
  6. astamir

    w209 clk500 conversion to clk55

    Hi guys! Friend of mine has a clk500 that he wants to convert to clk55 if it's not a big job to do, I mean if it's only an engine swap and few other bits. He wanted to know what exactly he would need to swap if anyone from here ever done it or any tips and advice from the experts here would be...
  7. F

    CLK500 headers/sound

    So I'm thinking of either selling my 500 and putting it towards a C63, CLS63 or CLS55, or keeping and modding the 500 with things such as headers, cams and maybe even the supercharger, all from kleeman. The sound is quite important to me, I doubt the 500 will ever sound close to the 63, but has...
  8. F

    CLK500 with black series body kit

    This has been my absolute pride and joy for a little over a year with many thousands spent to get it looking and sounding how it does today, if you want a MB that seriously turns heads for all the right reasons and gets praise everywhere it's seen, this is most certainly it! CLK500 52 reg...
  9. F

    Clk500 steering squib

    'Clk500 restraint system defect visit workshop!' Had it plugged in today, fault comes up as steering wheel squib (permanent), is it likely to actually be this component or a connector etc? (Checked many things under the seats but couldn't find any loose connections) should I just buy one, if so...
  10. abecketts

    Clk500 unfinished project Optimistic price and it still needs finishing
  11. abecketts

    Clk500 what's not to like

    Planning on moving the E320cdi and considering a clk500, I've got two to view both well under 80k miles on 52 reg plates. One has an lpg conversion, having been v happy with my disco v8 on lpg, will a far more sophisticated engine work well with a bolt on kit and ecu or am I in line for a load...
  12. F

    Kleemann supercharger CLK500 insurance increase

    So for a while, I've been thinking of getting a Kleemann blower, but entering it as a mod on comparison sites brings my insurance up to about 5 times what I pay now :/ is this accurate? I know because it's not a mod done by Mercedes themselves, they don't like it one bit, but for what it's...
  13. F

    CLK500 W209 (2003) body bits

    No longer need these bits, for sale in Southend, obsidian black, side skirts, front fenders, front and rear bumper, reasonable condition, a few scratches, mainly ones that happened transporting them. £200 for all
  14. P

    Lovin my CLK500

    Got my CLK500 about 5 months ago now and I still can't wait to get into it at the weekends for a drive........loving this car, can't wait for summer:D Finally managed to get my hands on some 18'' AMG alloys last week and got them fitted this weekend:bannana:
  15. P

    CLK500 wheels

    Is there a 'show me your wheels' type post on here. I'm looking at wheels for my CLK500 (A209) but not having much look with searching on google or here for examples Thanks
  16. P

    CLK500 Exhaust

    I bought my clk a few back now and I'm interested in fitting a new backbox to improve the sound slightly. I'm not after any roaring V8 noise, just a slightly more pronounced rumble. Has anyone fitted or had any dealing with this company. I've been searching the internet but only seem to find...
  17. T

    2002 clk500 engine oil dipstick and transmission dipstick

    I have recently bought 2002 clk 500. After reading on the forums i realised that there is no dipstick for engine oil and transmission fluid. I am planing on changing engine oil and AT fluid myself. Has anyone been sucesfull at buying them at reasonable price? Thanks
  18. dimond2407

    CLK-500 W209 badge

    Hello, I'm looking for a Mercedes bonnet Star Emblem for my W209 to replace the standard factory flat one, but are unable to find one, please can anybody help ? Paul
  19. F

    Cause of ECU failure in CLK500 (W209)?

    So, I've had a CLK500 (W209) for about 3 months, all was fine until about 4 weeks ago, I went for an overtake, no problem, then afterwards, when setting off from traffic lights and junctions, throttle response was non existent for a few seconds, then suddenly it would shoot forwards, it's also...
  20. F

    CLK500 W209 prior design black body kit questions

    Hi all, new to the forum :) In the not too distant future, I'm planning on getting the prior design black series body kit for my 52 reg CLK500 (W209), I've seen a really good post, one installed from start to finish but a question or two remains, what's an average price for a body shop to get...
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