1. Z

    Help needed on model choice

    I am considering different mercedes models for a used car. My options are: 2004 500CL 2005 CLK55AMG 2006 ML500 Now, the advice I need is from thos of you with experience from these models. How do they compare when it comes to comfort, quality feel, and ride ? All advice will be...
  2. U

    2003 CLK55AMG needs some work

    What,s this worth ? (load of owners ) 2003 MERCEDES CLK 55 AMG AUTO BLACK | eBay
  3. F

    W208 CLK55AMG Front Brake Pads

    anyone know what who makes the AMG brake pads fitted to these cars cheers David
  4. F

    W208 CLK55AMG Oil Leak from Radiator?

    I've got oil leaking from the left (drivers side) hand side of the radiator, it looks like a ribbed plastic section attached to the side of the main metal water radiator and is fed by two pipes at the bottom with about 1" diameter hoses with a electric pump in line. I presume its an oil cooler...
  5. G

    Oil changing on a 2003 CLK55AMG

    I recently had my neighbouring garage change the oil on our CLK55AMG. They are a non-specialised garage, but they work on all sorts of cars including the owner's family's AMG's etc. They thought they had completely drained the oil, going to some lengths to ensure it was all out - making sure...
  6. Fudger

    Clk55amg That would be a nice car to have and at a good price.
  7. L

    Anyone driven or passengered in a CLK55amg

    I mean the previous model to the present think it is W208 or something. They are plummetting in price and are seriously nice looking motors, you get convenient size like a c class just a bit bigger with 5.5litre mental engine, would love to hear from someone who has experienced it. Cheers.
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