1. Gistek

    CLK63 AMG Sunshade

    Hi Everyone, Just got a CLK63 AMG and i want to add the rear sunshade! I know i need the following; - Rear Sunshade and Rear Deck - Front Switch pack What else do i need? Also can anyone point me towards a retrofit guide or guidance! (Coding, wiring, etc..) Many thanks...
  2. D

    CLK63 Front Bumper

    Hi, anyone have a CLK63 front bumper or one that will repair as mine has died. Thanks
  3. D

    CLK63 Front Bumper

    Had a nightmare, my front bumper is Knacked but I dont want to claim on my insurance as I have to pay the first £650.00 of any repair so with this in mind I found this bumper on Ebay for the same kind of money and it looks a good quality one Mercedes CLK A209 C209 02-10 Stoßstange vorne für...
  4. R

    Potential new clk63 black series owner

    hi, currently considering buying a clk63 black series I test drove today and thought this would be a good place to get some info on the car which may assist in my decision. Only amg I've owned in the past was slk32 amg, but did run a ml350 as a daily for 3 years. Have owned performance cars...
  5. clk320x

    CLK63 Replica
  6. T

    Beloved CLK63 Convertible, need advice re Engine

    Hi Chaps, I'm hoping one of you can point me in the right direction regarding a trustworthy option for an engine repair / rebuilt and refit on the 6.3 V8 unit. The beast has ran perfectly since I purchased a few years ago. Have clocked up 96k (around half done by myself), but this weekend an...
  7. W

    Finally the happy owner of a CLK63 Black Series

    Always desperately wanted a CLK63 BS since 2007 and finally made the purchase a couple of weeks ago. 1,500 miles in so far and loving it! Think its the best car I have driven. Great to be back in a Mercedes after a few years away!! :D
  8. J

    Very rare clk63 amg cabriolet
  9. Abcan

    Clk63 black series replica

    This keeps popping up in my search for a MB cargo net. The bloke seems to be getting a irate...
  10. D

    soft top clk63

    Don't see many of these, seems a decent price for what it is. Mercedes-Benz CLK 6.2 CLK63 AMG 7G-Tronic 2dr
  11. Lenny63

    CLK63 black - prestige auction Belfast

    Rare find around these parts Vehicle Detail | City Auction Group
  12. Lenny63

    Who has a set of genuine clk63 rims?

    As above Thanks
  13. WDB124066

    Clk63 amg black series 2008

    Nice rust free car.... Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 CLK63 AMG BLACK SERIES 2008 | Trade Me
  14. J

    Reader's Car Of The Week: Mercedes CLK63 Black
  15. Grovsie31

    Finally got CLK63 wheels and brakes fitted

    Hey guys, picked the car up yesterday from getting the alloys refurbed. Cannot fault the quality, it really is excellent, I was just hoping the grey was going to be bit darker.
  16. Grovsie31

    CLK63 brake upgrade

    Pictures for Joe mainly, lol Stock CLK63 brake all round. Still need to bleed system and sort slight catching on front calipers.
  17. Grovsie31

    CLK63 brake upgrade on C55, clearance issue Help please

    Hi guys, well I finally went for it, and bought the CLK63 brakes for my C55, that ive read fit ok, albeit close. Ive seen these brakes, on other cars with the stock rims, and they fit ok. Now mine do you fit ok. The wheel, rubs ever so slighty on the inside, where the calipers is embossed...
  18. mark_le_b


    2007 MERCEDES CLK63 AMG AUTO V8 AUTO/TIP (481 BHP) *NAV & DIGITAL TV - ONE OWNER | eBay is mileage an issue? seems like a nice car
  19. The _Don

    Mercedes benz clk63 amg for sale.
  20. The _Don

    Front Brake Pads & Discs AMG , SL63 / E63 / CLS63 / CLK63 / C63 Genuine ,new

    On offer -
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