1. A

    Clock, E320, 2003

    When I try to adjust the clock on my E 320, I can't find a computer sub screen to enable me to do this. The dealer I bought the car from can't do it either. Can someone explain to me in words of one syllable what I should do?:confused:
  2. M

    Analogue Clock Runs Slow

    Hi. Have been searching for an answer, but can't seem to find an answer to my problem. COMAND digital clock working fine, but analogue clock is running approx 50 mins slow. When I manually change the digital clock, the analogue clock changes time, but is still slow by the same value. Have...
  3. D

    s500 66 plate friend is selling 2k on the clock

    black on black on black he is looking for £115k fully loaded with options obviously only serious people need apply hence why send me a message with your nos and i will get you talking he is looking for 6/7 seater late mode LHD ukl registered so it can be taken to portugal and back for...
  4. MWCLS

    Setting the Analogue clock on a 2006 C209 CLK

    I just noticed my analogue clock is 3 hours behind the clock in the car's cluster menu which is correct. At some point the previous owner has replaced the Audio 20 for a Clarion NX501E head unit. So this evening the cluster menu shows 17.20 the analogue clock 14.20 and the head unit 18.20! So...
  5. K

    W211 clock stopped??

    My 2007 W211, possibly on start-up, had the seatbelt warning light illuminate (no accompanying warning buzzer) and, at the same time the clock stopped! I reset the clock in the menu but when pressing the R (reset) button the time reverted to stopped time and reset to that!! Seatbelt light also...
  6. D

    Clock advice needed please.

    I've just noticed that the clock in the kitchen has stopped. It's a very old antique that we bought from Argos 3 days ago. It came with a key that baffled us because there's no door or lock anywhere on the clock. God knows what the key is for. Any ideas?
  7. S

    Clock auto setting ?

    With the clocks going back I had presumed that the car clock on comand would just adjust the time with the RDS/GPS signal but it appears not to want to do it and I had to do it manually, is there a setting I'm missing for it to auto adjust ?
  8. Druk

    Clock and Comand.

    I know I should go and rtfm but I thought that the clock in a 212 was set for the region it was in by message from Comand. So, going ashore from the ferry in Holland I expected it to advance an hour all by its sweet self, but that didn't happen. Or is there a setting I should be allowing?
  9. S

    w211 clock

    Unable to access clock function in the instrument cluster, i have a 2005 e270 cdi with audio 20 so no command system. All i can get from setting menu is convenience", "instrument cluster", "lights", "vehicle Any idea's
  10. F

    2004 CLK 320 Clock and Speakers

    Hi It seems that the clock in my car has gained about 15 minutes over time. It adjusts to BST changes but is always about 15 minutes fast. Is there anyway of re setting the clock? Also does anyone know how to balance/set the back speakers? I cant hear any volume from them. Any help would be...
  11. M

    Analogue, Clock, W209

    I bought a (stunning)W209 CLK500 Elegance convertible a year ago. The private seller apologised that the clock wasn't working. It was stuck reading 8.17 and had been for several years. I did some research - it looked as if it wasn't going to be a quick fix so I have put up with it only being...
  12. S

    Clearly deluded - and clock (!) the mileage change

    Mercedes Benz CL 55 Kompressor AMG,previously celebrity owned,excellentt!£16995 | eBay type the reg into :crazy: Stuart
  13. Lenny63

    Clock - changing time issues - w219 CLS

    Hi I finally figured out that the clock must be adjusted via the command system I hit the serv button - then settings , then Time Issue is - it will only allow me To adjust the minutes in 30 minute slots - so if it's 10:20, I can only choose the current time 30mins forward or 30 mins before...
  14. T

    mercedes silver arched clock

    Hi everyone, I have inherited a silver arched clock dated 2002 with 'Mercedes Benz of Southport' inscribed on the front. The clock face and battery assembly are contained in a glass spherical ball which rotates about the upper part of the arch. Unfortunately the battery is missing and there is...
  15. F

    CLK 500 (209) clock and temp reader "sleeping"

    I'm relatively sure this is a new thing, not something I've just never noticed before; the analogue clock stops when I get out and lock the doors, when I get in later, it will spin round to the correct time, the temp sensor also climbs up from 0 to the right temp when ignition turned on, are...
  16. M

    W212 Analogue Clock stopped working

    Has anyone else experienced the analogue clock below the command system just stopping working? I've only just noticed that its set at the 12 o clock position and doesn't set itself to the right time anymore. I've tried to set the time automatically & manually in the command system, I've...
  17. M

    C220 clock anomally

    Greetings. I left my 62 plate in the long stay car park at Cardiff airport for 1 week. When I got back, started engine and drove off. when I glanced down at the clock, it had lost approx. 2 hours. I know it was right when I left it as I checked to ensure we were on time. Is there another battery...
  18. T


    Is there any way of changing the time on the clock of a CLK 209, having an aftermarket sat nav without it going on a star machine. Many thanks.
  19. M

    clock spring

    Anyone seeking a steering wheel clock spring assembly fully functional. Part reference A1714640518 fits w211 e55 and probably a host of others. Looking for around 50 for it.
  20. J

    Mercedes clock

    Made and sold a couple of mercedes clocks to some local people and thinking of making more. I'm an apprentice and just trying to make some extra beer money :) An example of how they turned out. Let me know if anyone would be interested in them and can hopefully send a few out! Would be...
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