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    W203 Rear clonk noise

    I have a w203 coupe first gen on 04, when the car is parked up for a day or two on the street with a slight gradient. When I pull off I get a few clonk noises from the rear originally thought it was the handbrake shoes not releasing as had a problem with pedal not returning properly these have...
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    W203 estate > tracking down a rear 'clonk'

    Noticed on my W203 estate that there's a clonk coming from the rear of the car when you going over a speed bump etc - almost sounds like something loose in the boot. Going to start by replacing he rear ARB's, seeing as they're easy to do and only £13 for the pair/genuine MB. Any tips on...
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    C180 front suspension 'clonk'

    I have a 'clonking' noise coming from the front suspension when travelling at slow speeds, i.e driving in and out the garage, parking etc when the power / weight is transferring from forwards motion to reverse and vice versa. Could this be antiroll bar bushes ?? and is it a straightforward job ??
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    nearside clonk

    After having new front springs, new engine mountings, a new wishbone (complete with bushes), new roll bar and bushes fitted I still have a 'clonk' going over speed bumps over 30 mph. Its worse when the car is loaded heavier. Am I down to fitting new shock absorbers as the last try? E320...
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