1. C

    W164 2007 tail gate stuck closed

    Hi all, anyone had similar experiences with the soft close tailgate? It's been playing up a lately with what sounds like gears /cogs slipping when it tried to pull itself closed ,but it always did after a couple of goes.It closed without the soft " pull in" tonight(like a standard tailgate) and...
  2. brucemillar

    W203 Bonnet Jammed Closed

    Folks Working on my W203 today and the bonnet slammed on my maintenance battery charger, which was sat just behind the slam panel. Disaster!! Now the bonnet is completely closed and the release handle (inside the car) will not release it. I have had my wife pulling the release handle inside...
  3. A

    Bikers pub closed

    Bit bored yesterday so went for a blast up the A537 Cat&Fiddle road, famous with all the bikers and to my shock and horror it's closed:eek: This was one pub I thought would never go, but like so meny good pubs they are all closing at an alarming rate :wallbash: So I ended up going Darby...
  4. lisa110rry

    M20 closed on such a busy weekend

    The M20 is closed, apparently after a low loader carrying an excavator (I'm extrapolating here as the BBC's description is a bit woolly), which I imagine must have had a problem as it was travelling on the hard shoulder, struck a footbridge which promptly fell on a lorry. It would seem a...
  5. Kevlaar

    W211 CD Changer Door stuck closed

    Hi guys, I'm sure this subject has been done to death, but recently bought a W211, and the CD changer door won't open, the CD changer itself works absolutely fine, but the door button doesn't appear to do anything. I've tried removing/replacing certain fuses, resetting dash factory settings...
  6. uumode

    Pressure washing - doors open or closed?

    Was pressure washing my car today with doors closed technique But maybe I should have tried with doors open technique!
  7. M

    Mereceds e class estate boot stuck closed.

    Hello everyone. I am after abit of help my w211 2005 mercedes boot lock has broken and it is closed just to make things harder. I am going to have to take the lock out from the inside. Does anyone have a part number for a w211 2005 estate mercedes boot actuator? I'm guessing it isn't going to be...
  8. Silver CL55

    R230 "close boot" message but boot is closed?

    Not sure where this should go so I'll try the general forum I've just refitted the pse pump after getting it fixed, I had the same red message whilst it was removed, I assumed refitting the pump would cure it all but the red message is still there. Boot closes correctly and the soft close...
  9. brucemillar

    QE II Bridge closed in security alert

    Rush hour traffic is building up after a security alert on the QEII bridge at Dartford. Severe delays are expected after the Dartford Tunnel, the bridge and the approach road were all shut on the Kent side at around 4.30pm. Cars caught on the bridge this afternoon. Picture: @dannyoreilly66...
  10. jonnymerc

    iPad 4 for sale

    Selling iPad 4 black 16MB wi-fi 6 months old in excellent condition looking for £ 299 + postage or nearest offer 6 months warranty bought from Argos
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Nurburgring Ring Closed (temporary)

    Nurburgring closed to remove giant pen!s graffiti Nurburgring closed to remove giant penis graffiti
  12. B

    Closed back headphones

    I am thinking about getting some decent headphones for use while commuting. I already have a pair of 'Hi-Fi' cans (Sennheiser HD650s) but these are completely unsuitable for use out and about as they are very difficult to drive (600 ohms impedance) and make no effort to reduce sound leakage...
  13. R

    S204 electric boot stuck closed - help buggy stuck in car on holiday

    Hi all. Firstly, as you can see this is my first post and I really hope someone can help us. Anyways here's the story so far. After arriving on holiday yesterday evening I came out to the car this morning to get the pram out of the boot of our car, however all I was greeted with is the...
  14. swannymere

    SW London & north Surrey closed this Sunday

    Due to a trial run of the Olympic Cycle Road Race large sections of South West London and North Surrey will be closed on Sunday for an EIGHT hour period, please check before travelling, you have been warned! Surrey Classic Road Race

    W202 tailgate stuck closed

    Hi, my fathers w202 1996 estate tailgate has decided not to open :( The key turns & c/locking clunks but he has no resistance when he pulls the lever. Anyone any ideas how to open it? cheers Chris
  16. Palfrem

    Paypal says my bank account has been clsoed.

    Had this email from PayPal yesterday. Very strange. The payment was for an ebay item and the guy had got the money. I rang my bank who teld me they had had a number of customers calling about a similar email. Anyone here had one? Is it genuine? "On , we attempted to...
  17. rajinder_1

    SL320 Aerial stuck closed

    Hi Guys, I have just noticed that my aerial no longer operates when i turn the stereo on? I have tried to pull it gently thinking it may be stuck but i dont think it is as it don budge? any ideas as to what it could be and how to resolve it? should i be looking at a new areial or can...
  18. lynall

    Why are some posts marked as closed?

    I realise they are closed but why? On a side note why when my pic allowance gets full and i cannot post any more pics, then i delete some from memory they are lost for ever on the site? Lynall
  19. Satch

    M25 closed both directions

    Somewhere between the M3 and Heathrow owing to gas leak. My, that will be fun
  20. PJayUK

    My glovebox is stuck closed (W220)

    My glovebox has decided to lock closed for some reason. It has my Ipod inside and for some reason the button has stopped working. I have tried to prise open the door carefully unsuccessfully! Is there a way to open it without causing any damage? Help! I want my ipod back!
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