1. Martin 1

    Getting Closer.

    Hiya folk, are there any particular issues involved in fitting double din sat nav / bluetooth etc to a 209 convertible , size etc ?
  2. MancMike

    Look closer

    An extraordinary perspective | Bentley Motors
  3. flying haggis

    tailgate closer problem

    hi all my 211 estate electric opener/closer is playing up in as much that when you open the door it doesnt open to full height and when I press the closer button the tailgate closes doesnt latch then starts to open again. at present i now cant get the tailgate to latch/close at all so it is just...
  4. P

    w124 te boot closer

    recently the boot lock on my w124 te started to stick so are started opening the boot from the inside. This got to the point where it was getting more and more difficult as the force require to pull the lever became harder and then i heard the connected rod pop out. i removed the lower plastic...
  5. Dave Richardson

    Non genuine window automatic window closer

    I don't have the luxury of automatic closing windows on my CL203 however, I saw this kit on e bay. 2 WINDOW AND SUNROOF AUTOMATIC WINDOW CLOSURE MODULE LATEST ADVANCED MODEL | eBay Has any other member fitted this or a similar kit to their older car? If so, how did you get on with...
  6. B

    after market soft..boot closer

    I want to FIT a remote boot closer but can not find the parts. How hard would this be if I did get the bits. I am no mechanic, oil change is as much as I have done to date. The car is a 2010 cls350 W219 grand edition. Comments please, viable weekend project?.
  7. ringway

    Plans to move UK to European time zone edge a step closer. Road Safety Affected?

    A new tourism strategy, which is expected to contain plans to move British standard time to Central European Time, will be published by the government later this week. If the plans get the green light it would mean that the clocks would be brought forward an extra hour from Greenwich Mean Time...
  8. Q

    W124 estate tailgate electric closer dead?

    I have my eye on a '92 pre facelift W124 E220 estate, among some issues it has are a tailgate closer thats not working, tailgate closes manually but the electric closer doesn't function. The owner thinks it might be the relay in the tailgate and has taken out the relevant fuse. Apparently its...
  9. blondebier

    Mercedes BLUEZERO e-cell

    Looks like a B class on steroids... I wander if they will make it?
  10. sunman

    rear view camera and trunk closer retrofitted

    Here is a recent w221 I worked on. Factory rearview camera and factory trunk closer installed in a NA w221 s550.
  11. K

    C36 lumpyness, closer to a solution.

    Hi there, thanks for all your ideas, I have now managed to work out a rough idea as to the problem. The problem was, a sooty spark plug, and diagnosis following that.... So, traced the problem to the no 3 cylinder, used a volt meter to measure the voltage at the injector electrical...
  12. B

    w202 alarm - window/sunroof closer option

    Is there are optional window/sunroof closer module available for the standard fit 1998 W202 alarm? I know you can close the windows using infrared on the keyfob, but I have seen some mercs automatically close the windows, etc when the doors are locked with the keyfob without you having to stand...
  13. Steve_Perry

    Member 2000 is getting closer [face_eek]

    Anyone remember this thread post in the middle of August last year? Well 6 months on we're approaching member 2,000 :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: Good one eh? Well I thought so :p Thanks to everybody both new members and old timers for making this Forum such a pleasant place to post...
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