1. S

    A209 CLK320 2003 roof not quite closing correctly by rear windscreen

    My roof closes fine but at the very last moment when the fabric tucks into the rear windscreen, a small section of material about the size of half a golf ball bunches up and sits as a clump on the outside edge of the rear windscreen on the lower right hand corner. If I stop the mechanism from...
  2. K

    W204 Comand displey closing problem

    Hello. I have C320cdi 4matic 2009 year, and i have problem with opening and closing Comand display. When i press button to close display, display begins to close, but then goes back to the open position. When i press button again (10-15x), display close completely. When the display is closed...
  3. Hectors Dad

    S212 Rear Door Auto Opening / Closing

    Hi All, My E220 estate has the ability to open the rear door using either the latch on the door, a switch on the drivers door panel or the key. It doesn't however close on either the switch or the key and only via the button inset into the bottom of the door itself. So I took it into my...
  4. M

    W213 power boot, broken again after manually closing

    My powered boot opening closing has just broken for the second time in a month after someone manually closed without pressing the close button! The boot feels limp like something on hinge or spring has detached. First time I took back to dealer and they took all day to fix telling me how...
  5. richardgr88

    A209 2008 CLK Roof Issue Tonneau cover not closing

    Hi All, With the weather getting better I'm keen to be taking the roof down more often. On the whole the roof has been working really well both going up and down. Recently though at the final stage of putting the roof down the tonneau cover struggles to close more often than not, from time...
  6. H

    Boot Not Closing Completely

    Hi, The boot on my 98 cl500 has lost it's soft close functionality. Anyone know what the fix is for this? Thanks
  7. O

    W205 bonnet closing

    Hi Looking for some advice over what might appear to be a minor matter with my brand new W205 C Class, but which is aggravating me. I’m having a great deal of difficulty in closing the bonnet – as a result the bonnet open alarm is constantly going off. It seems not to close properly 4...
  8. F

    Tailgate closing from key?

    Hi everyone Recently got a new C350e estate, just wondering if anyone else is able to close the tailgate from the key? The manual clearly states it is supposed to, but no amount of pressing or holding the button will do anything.... Opening from the key is working just fine... Thanks Chris
  9. F

    Panoramic Roof closing half way & sunvisor closing full way

    Hi all.. I have incurred a problem today where my panoramic roof on the C250 only closes to half way and not completely but with it closing half way if I were to push the button to close again the sun visor (mesh) underneath starts coming out and closes the full way. It's as if the sensor...
  10. I

    W209 - Rear windows not closing

    As you guys may know the rear windows on the w209 go up and down a short way on opening and closing the door. I seem to have got a fault where the windows will go down when opening the door but not neccesarily come back up after closing the door again. Anybody know how to fix this? It...
  11. V

    Global closing

    Hi I have tried to search to see if this has been asked before but should the windows and pano roof close on a E coupe when you lock the doors.
  12. S

    W220 windows closing feature

    I know there is feature on W220 to close or open all the windows and sunroof by holding the button. Although mine does`t work. Was that feature an optional or do I have to program that first?
  13. C

    Clk 230 stalls when closing door!?

    My clk struggles to start, it turns over fine it's like it just quite catch to turn on and once it does start, il get out to close the gate il close the car door and the car will turn off!? Any suggestions? I'm not a mechanic but iv solved quite a few things on the clk I think it could be a bad...
  14. Druk

    Suggestions for a closing paragraph?

    Sensible and printable and not actionable please :D ------------------------------------------------------------ 15th Nov 2014. Sir. Further to my assertion, and your denial, of damage done by your company to my tyre inner sidewalls during the refurbishment of my four Mercedes rims I...
  15. guydewdney

    w211 no window opening / closing from fob?

    windows are all synced. Fob is supposed to open and close the windows with a long open or close press of the button. Nope. Nothing. Nothing on codes that suggest any problems.
  16. Y

    2009 E350 CDI COUPE window closing

    Hi Just bought the above car & love it but reading the manual I can't seem to figure out the convenience window closing /opening that you can operate from the key if you hold the lock/open button down , was this an optional extra that perhaps my car doesn't have or is it a standard fit that you...
  17. S

    Glovebox not closing C209

    I can no longer close my glove-box and not sure why i have taken a photo. has a bit broken off (I'm assuming)? Anyone know any good websites for getting parts like this or is it off to the main dealer. trouble is it's a 30 mile drive to our nearest one. Don't MB supply parts by post. Thanks...
  18. J

    IPOD touch closing system down

    I wonder if anyone can help? I have a W207 coupe which doesn't have command but does have Mercedes satnav (not sure what the unit is called?). When I bought the car it had an ipod lead connected in the glovebox and I have used it on an old beaten up ipod for a while and its been ok. I wanted...
  19. N

    Beep on opening / closing

    Just a quick one, but does anyone know how to make a 2008 EClass (W211) emit a beep when locking and opening from the key fob? I'm sure I've seen ones with it (albeit usually on TV) and would like to do it to mine! I would imagine the dealer can do it if asked, but hopefully it's just a...
  20. D

    w124 estate lock set 2 doors and self closing boot system and the lock itself one key

    looking for £100 for the lot. from 70k miles estate car broke a while back. as self closing is fully working if u want that on its own looking for around £60 prices are collection only if u need it shipped will be extra
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