1. W

    W 209 CLK 320 Issue with "Flaps" on roof closure

    Good Evening Everyone, My pride and joy has developed an unusual issue with the roof. The roof operates normally when both opening and closing however i have noticed on the last few occasions upon closing two flaps of leather material have started protruding from the side of the rear window...
  2. Dogbreath

    Folding mirrors on closure

    Hi I have the buttons to fold the mirrors on my car, but can I get the mirrors to close with the Key on locking the car up ? Is there a setting in command to enable this function? My car is a Oct 2005 E55k Thanks Lee
  3. fabes

    URGENT - CLK windows not rising on door closure

    2009 CLK convertible Today, for the first time in 6 months, when you close the door (either side) the windows don't seal fully with that final few mm or closure Ditto, when opening windows they don't (as they are already in the drop position) I have tried the rest by putting IGN to 2 and...
  4. F

    w221 soft closure

    help can I retrofit soft closure locks on standard doors
  5. Sheffield Col

    One touch total closure.

    On my VX, Omega that I used to own, I had One touch total closure, ie. just one touch closed all open windows & the sun roof. But this was not how it left the factory, this was an "after market fix". It left the factory with much the same system as my W 204. you had to press and hold the button...
  6. S

    SL500 (2003) Glove compartment closure problem

    I have an ongoing problem with the glove compartment closure: it appears to close properly, but sometimes the light stays on. A hard slam of the door effects a temporary fix, but it's become annoying. An MB repairer has already a go at sorting this, but told me that the permanent fix may have...
  7. grober

    Forth road bridge closure

    The Forth road bridge is to be closed completely for the next 24 hours and possibly longer till structural defects--- up to 8--- are investigated. This is a major blow to the Scottish Road network and will have huge knock on effects on traffic flows in central Scotland. Forth Road Bridge to...
  8. streethawk

    56 plate E class w211 320cdi sport full closure

    Not sure if I've posted this in the right section but here goes. I've recently purchased my e class and was wondering if it should have full closure? ie Windows and roof close with fob. I've tried and it doesn't but my 99 plate c230k does. Must admit I've not read manuel yet but does anyone...
  9. MercedesDriver

    Carcraft closure

    500 jobs to go at second-hand car dealer -
  10. S

    ML boot closure problem

    Afternoon, My wife has an ML 320cdi 06 plate. She was driving along today when the tailgate made the noise that it was opening...... and it did!!!!! (it has the soft close and power open function). I managed to get the car home and play with the lock, but it has now got the problem that...
  11. Cigano

    w211 2008 total closure ?

    Does a 2008 w211 e320 cdi have total closure on windows/sunroof ?
  12. markevo

    Remote closure ??

    Does anyone remember how to enable the key fob remote to close windows and sunroof ? I have a W211 E55 :confused:
  13. Vilus

    Dartford Bridge Closure

    The Dartford Crossing bridge has been closed since about 11am after a poor disturbed individual pulled up at the highest point and climbed over the safety barriers. After four hours with Police negotiators they actually jumped, and were taken to hospital after being rescued by waiting lifeboats...
  14. P

    E320 estate 2004 boot closure speed

    Hi, I've just added a 2004 E320 to my collection. The electric boot closure is great but it seems to open and close to quickly compared to other cars I've seen with this. Is it adjustable ?
  15. @MARK


    So it's gone! I am no longer the owner of a C350CDI Sport Touring with rattles. This week, Mercedes-Benz declared that even though they had heard the rattles themselves, they were not rattles at all but just the noise made by different materials rubbing together! Where as previously...
  16. Nicensleazy

    Petition Against Planned Closure Of All DVLA Local Offices

    I had to visit my local DVLA office last week and noticed a poster there regarding plans by the government to close all 39 local DVLA offices. I have used this office a couple of times in the past year and always found them helpful and efficient, as opposed to the service provided by DVLA...
  17. spinaltap

    Closure of Cheap MS Software

    I have received an email from Software4Students that Microsoft has signalled the end of being able to purchase its low-priced software on 31st March. So, if you are in education yourself, or have children in education, be advised that there is but a short time left to bag an MS software bargain.
  18. A

    Comfort closure

    I am in the midst of retro-fitting comfort closure to my W168. I am looking for some terminal crimping pliers capable of crimping very small terminals ( instrument cluster and window switch module ). Not having much luck, does anyone know where I might get some suitable pliers?? Chris
  19. I

    Door closure makes sunroof pop up and down – W124

    Hi All, I bought this tip-top low miles 300D on Saturday, and I’m very pleased with it. Cruised home two hundred effortless miles at around mid-eighties, no strain, an absolute pleasure. I had thought that I might need the power of the multi-valve, but I’m very pleased with what it has...
  20. A

    Automatic window closure when locking car

    Hi, just purchased a SL350 and was wondering if anyone knew where i can get the key programmed to shut the windows automatically when locking the car from the outside? am i able to get the roof to close on one push of the button as well without standing there like a lemon? Last car was a 911...
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