1. A

    Polishing mitts V cloths

    What is best to use to buff my car to a shine, a sheep's wool mitt or microfiber cloths, will the mitts hold more micro dirt coursing more swirling than a cloth, and is it best to have two cloths or mitts and use both hands to buff and shine. Ho and one more thing should the cloths be well...
  2. J

    Paragon Microfibre Cloths.

    As good quality drying, and buffing cloths can be hard to find at the right price, i decided to order some towels from Paragon MicroFibre. So far I have used the Diamond double weave drying towel and the 500GSM drying and buffing cloths. For the price they are excellent and well worth the...
  3. lynall

    Clothes dryer packed up.

    Pics of inside of dryer, no wonder you hear of fires started by these:eek: Still works but not getting hot, quick stripdown and multimeter on elements shows they are okay, notice burn mark around thermostats, test continuity one dead one okay, order parts £6.10:). Then Lisa tells me bath u...
  4. A

    Microfibre polishing cloths

    Anyone know the best place to buy good quality microfibre cloths for removing wax?
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