1. J

    CLS250 CDi AMG line 63reg Pearl white 32k miles

    Friend is selling his CLS250 CDi AMG 7speed auto 63reg Pearl white unusual colour really looks amazing in the sunlight sparkles! 32k miles Full Service history, he has had a few in the past and a string of Mercedes so knows them well and knows a good one when he see's it, only selling due to...
  2. J

    CLS250 CDI auto. No kickdown / limp mode

    Car will go into limp mode with no kickdown,and fixed gear change at 2900 rpm. Most likely to occur going up a slope with gentle acceleration in 4th gear(35-40mph) -although it has occurred in the cruise on the flat at 60mph. When you stop, turn off and start again, a reset occurs ~ back...
  3. HumberMart

    CLS250 mega economy

    Now the warmer weather's arrived and my 6 month old CLS has 6K on it, the mpg has become nothing short of amazing! Even shortish trips of 20 miles are returning over 50 mpg and yesterday I did a 180 mile return trip to Kegworth and even with plenty of stop start on the M1 and struggling to keep...
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