1. F

    Cls55 amg active headlights

    Recently had my battery disconnected to recharge it as the car had been parked up with a falled sbc pump. After reconnecting the battery I'm now getting a message on the dash saying "active lighting system display faulty". Car is a 2005 cls55 amg with the active headlights option. Is their a...
  2. J

    E55 or CLS55 ?!

    Hey, Sorry if this question has been asked but i couldn't find a thread for it, Anyone owned both of them and can do a quick compassion of which one they prefer? Thanks
  3. J

    CLS55 dipstick tube

    Morning all, I've got a 06 CLS55. I dont trust the oil level sensor too much so decided to buy a dipstick from Mercedes. I can't seem to find where it goes? I thought originally it goes in the tube with the red cap, at the top of the engine by the throttle body, but the tube bends down towards...
  4. C

    airmatic ride height cls55

    Hello All, im in the process of going through the cls55 thoroughly to try and get it to drive straight. Even though its had all the arms replaced, track rods and a 4 wheel alignment, it still pulls to the left, badly. I noticed the other day, there seems to be a disparity in the ride...
  5. C

    cls55 engine whine

    hello, The cls is developing quite a loud engine whine. Its not the normal one that last for 10 seconds when the car is cold then disappears. This is in addition to that one. I've tried to capture it in a video to demonstrate,its very loud to be fair. I was planning on removing all the...
  6. rossy

    1st issue cls55 amg glove box wires

    Hey well, as some may know collected my CLS55 AMG yesterday... Few is no gps signal....says "off map" and shows me in the SEA somewhere... Ordered and new GPS aireal complete... Anyway gone in the glove box and there are two IDENTICLE wires...comming out of a hole as you look in...
  7. D

    CLS55 Engine Under Tray

    as above looking for the plastic tray that goes between the engine and front bumper
  8. rossy

    Wanted 2005 - 2006 55-06 CLS55

    OK on the look out for a 55 plate or newer CLS 55 AMG. Ideally registered before 23 Martch 06. Bothered more about history and maintainance than miles... I.e. dont mind higher miles if its been well looked after and its shows. Thanks
  9. rockits

    CLS55 vs SL55 Advice or Opinions?

    Well it looks like my search for an R129 SL60 AMG is nearing its end as not been able to find anything other than silly price stuff. I'm not going to pay 30-50k for one as although rare are not worth that to me. They are a modded SL500 at the end of the day and not thatuch better. Certainly...
  10. ACID

    Mecedes Cls55 Amg

    Mercedes Cls55 Amg in for an x-pipe system @torqueflowexhausts and then passed To us for a 77mm pulley map and tune. Stock: 418 Whp 493 Bhp 469 Wtq 553 lb/ft Tuned: 456 Whp 538 Bhp 540 Wtq 637 lb/ft For more info please call us on 0121 7724455 or inbox us on fb. #mslperformance...
  11. rockits

    Advice/Opinions on this CLS55 AMG? - I need an AMG again!

    Morning all I have had a long hard think and I have decided that I should part with the SL500 at some point. I am just not getting to using it and it is wasted sitting there in the garage. No rush as have a couple of bits I want to do to get it as good as it can be. It has just had a large...
  12. J

    Cls55 amg

    Apologies for the repeat ad. My car is still for sale at a reduced price. Please take a look and feel free to ask me any questions. I just found a great car on Auto Trader: Mercedes-Benz CLS 5.5 CLS55 AMG 4dr
  13. J

    CLS55 wheels

    I'm looking at some CLS63 wheels on eBay, I'm wondering will they fit fine on my CLS55? I've got spacers on the rear 20mm! Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. GT3RS

    Help pricing my CLS55 AMG Eurocharged spec

    Hi guys, I'm going to advertise my beloved CLS55 soon and I'm not sure what to price it at - any feedback would be appreciated! Below is a draft advert - mechanically the car needs nothing, and as you can see no expense has been spared to bring this car to peak state. What I do not...
  15. C

    cls55 charge cooler pump replacement

    hello all, thought id make a start on some of the jobs on the cls. First on my list is the pump for the supercharger cooling system. The previous owner had kindly supplied me the replacement part when he sold the car, so it was just a matter of fitting it. I suspected the old one was...
  16. J

    Cls55 amg

    My car for sale. Please feel free to contact for more information. Also note that the oxidation for the headlights have been restored.
  17. V

    CLS55 Louder

    Had X-Pipe installed but car doesnt seem loud enough, especially when revving in neutral (don't do this much but you know what I mean :D) Any other suggestions? Ideally want to keep primary cats. Whats best option?
  18. KillerHERTZ

    CLS55 AMG vs S55 AMG

    Last night myself and M2287 met up to show me his re-mapped S55 AMG which is truely a weapon. Now pushing over 600Bhp it shouldnt be possible for a car of that mass to accelerate that quickly :thumb: Anyway, check out the photos and video clip of us flooring the cars. Mine hesitated for a...
  19. C

    my new cls55 amg :+)

    Hello all, as promised, a couple of picks of my new CLS, collected late last night. Some of you may recognise it. :+)
  20. V

    Backup Camera Retrofit - CLS55

    Anybody done this or know the best place to get this done?
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