1. grober

    Official Mercedes Benz Clubs site down.

    The official Mercedes Benz Clubs site in Germany is down for most club members at the moment due to a possible Denial of Service Attack. This means access to the EPC to club members is not available at present. Just in case anyone is trying to access the site.
  2. demetrios

    Other mercedes clubs

    Evening all Just wondering if any of you are members of Home - Mercedes Benz Owners Or Official Mercedes-Benz Owners Club These are subscription based clubs and I'm wondering if any of you are members and what the difference between each clubs membership is. I know the latter has a merc...
  3. D

    MBClub Members and their Football clubs

    Hi All, Just curious to hear what football clubs the fellow MBClub members support? I am a life long Manchester City fan. I could not find any previous threads so apologies if this has been covered before. Right - over to you guys and gals...
  4. Mike Walker

    Golf Clubs for sale

    For all budding Rory McIlroys out there I have the following for sale:- Custom made 'Snake Eyes' graphite shafted cavity backed irons from 4 - Pitching Wedge ( No 3 iron) + Ping putter with cover. :eek: When I was playing more regularly than I am now Pro's advice was that these were what I...
  5. 219

    Rivalry between forums and Clubs .

    Like many other members here , I am also active on a number of other forums , including the Mercedes-Benz Club one and the MBO one . Just the other day , a new member posted a query on the MBO forum , asking where he could obtain a valuation for his 190E as his insurers appeared sceptical about...
  6. Palmball

    Mercedes Owners Clubs

    Hi all.... Are any of you members what I believe are the two main Owners Clubs in the UK: - The official 'Mercedes Approved' one - Mercedes-Benz-Club UK - The unoffical one - Mercedes-Club.Org If so, is one better than the other and is there any worth in joining both? Thanks Andrew
  7. sean3513

    Cumbria GTG. Sunday 1ST August 2010

    hello all sorry if this is the wrong section but are there any MB clubs or meets in cumbria or anywhere nearby ???? or tours ?? thanks in advance sean
  8. Bobby Dazzler

    Breakfast clubs

    Nothing to do with entertaining kids before school, but lots to do with some car ogling. Fancied going to Goodwood's breakfast club for ages and not got round to it, not exactly on the doorstep for me. Tonight I came across something within easier reach, the Midlands breakfast club...
  9. Gucci

    Help, my Dad wants golf clubs

    My Dad has started liking Golf (after years of him saying it was pointless). Anyway, he's asked for a chipper and I think, a 3 and 5 iron? I have no idea what's any good or not? Help! :crazy:
  10. rf065

    Mercedes Owners Clubs (Which One?)

    I was looking at the Mercedes Owners Club tonight and see there are more than one of them, anyone know if they are all the same or is any one better than the other? Are they worth joining? Russ
  11. D

    Diploma Thesis - Survey on Formula One and motor sport clubs

    Dear Mercedes fans As a student at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg I am conducting an empirical study on Formula One and motor sport clubs. This study is part of my diploma thesis at the chair for business economics (department for industrial management) under the...
  12. Nik_Endeavour

    USA vs UK MB Clubs

    Looking at the picture gallery of the forums I notice quite a few w202 (just as I have one) cars going for the pimp mobile look. Is that considered taste in the US of A or is the forum is just full of cretins that spend a lot of money for tacky things? I might be wrong and they...
  13. Alfie

    Clubs / Forums in Ireland.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of any Mercedes car clubs or forums in Eire (Ireland)? Thanks,
  14. Tan

    Breakfast clubs

    Hi My boss has asked me to join a breakfast club, so I am looking for some advice on how to go about choosing one. Does anyone here use them and do you find them useful? Thanks Tan
  15. blassberg

    Fund Raising: Hundred Clubs

    Appreciate your knowledge / input Do i need a gambling licence to set up a hundred club to raise funds for our water polo club? Does it depend on whether we sell tickets only to members / their famillies / the general public? We want to subsidise young players who are selected for Regional...
  16. sparkyspost

    Clarkson slags off owners clubs!

    So Jeremy 'the enemy of style' Clarkson has a dislike of Car owners clubs in a write up on the BMW ME CS??? See:,,12529-2177700,00.html So love :eek: / hate :mad: / don't care (he's not worth it) :cool: Apologies if the link or the poll...
  17. K

    Mercedes Owners Clubs

    There seem to be two active Mercedes- Benz owners clubs in the UK, the Mercedes-Benz Owners Club at and the Mercedes-Benz Owners Association at The Owners Club seems to be the old established club with manufacturer links...
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