1. Y

    Slk window switches, swapping them over. - give me a clue please!

    Hi again, I need to change the window switches on the drivers door on my SLK, I have the replacement, does anyone know how to do this please, does it just lever out or is there another methods such as taking off the trim from the handle......cheers.
  2. I

    Very Nice 107, are the seats a clue?

    1980 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC Auto, Grey, Stunning | eBay Would the drivers seat look off - as it does, I think - at that mileage? I've never owned one of these so I can't tell if it looks re-upholstered; does it? Cheers, Paul
  3. D

    anybody has a clue on golf mk1 clipper 1991

    a friend speedo works, but the both the milometer and trip counters are sticking and only turn ocassionally for 2 miles or so every so often, anybody had this before and know the problem and the fix for it.
  4. tpwuk

    Some people don't have a clue!! 102K miles and LHD - Dream on!
  5. PJH

    I'm sorry I haven't a clue....

    SAT NAV on the radio...... Broadcast on Radio 4 - Mon 06 Jun - 18:30 BBC Link go 15mins after the start of the recording..... :D
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