1. pammy

    Clumber 2007

    A number of people have asked about Clumber 2007. While Clumber is a brill meeting point for a day time with the cars - the overnight accom'n is not that easy to find. We've just had Bridgewood, have Torquay in August as overnighters, plus Harrogate in early May which will be an overnighter for...
  2. pammy

    Clumber gtg Summer 06

    OK people - here's the start for the Summer 06 Clumber Park gtg. The poll is to set gather preferences for the date and also for overnight stay choice. We'll look to make it an overnighter for those that want it - you'll see the poll includes dates and overnight. :D I'll allow the poll to...
  3. N

    Next Clumber Meet

    will there be another one? or anyone know of any meets coming up notts lincs area for this year?
  4. pammy

    Clumber 2005

    As gtg's seem to be popular atm - and organising them can take some time etc, I've been approached to see if another Clumber event is in the offing. So - similar format to last year - but suggestions/ideas would be good. Thought if the weather was OK we could go for a few games - rounders maybe...
  5. Steve_Perry

    Yet more Clumber GTG piccies

    Click on a small pic to view the large version...
  6. GrahamC230K

    More Clumber Pics

    Hi guys, As everyone else has said before - thanks to all those who turned up and those who helped with the organisation. I had a good day as did everyone else I think. The Pictures
  7. pluggers

    Clumber Park Piccys

    Haven't long got back from this fabulous GTG today,Thanks pammy for getting it organised :bannana: Wonderful weather it was nice and sunny when I got there and stayed like that all day:bannana: ,Great to see everyone again old and new,Loads of shiny cars to be seen and a great BBQ on site...
  8. Kinky

    Clumber Park GTG

    Just a quick note to wish everyone who is going this weekend to have a great weekend, and I hope/pray the weather holds for you all. I honestly and truly wish I could be there - but I've got the Italian Brooklands bash tomorrow and need to prepare. Mind you - having said that .... the...
  9. pammy

    Clumber Park GTG 2 October

    I thought a summary thread might be useful at this stage so here goes. GTG on Saturday 2nd October in Clumber Park, Nott's. Meeting from 11.00am onwards. Full details can be found on this thread messages number 95 & 80 show the maps. This thread has the details of where we are staying...
  10. pammy

    Poll for Clumber gtg - Overnight stay

    Please vote only if you are staying over.
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