1. cws196

    W204 driver seat clunk

    The driver seat on '63 plate W204 is increasingly making a clunk when the car is subject to sudden movement/force ie sudden braking to a standstill, going over a large bump, sudden acceleration etc. I can seemingly replicate the clunk by flicking the seat-base height (electrice-adjust) button...
  2. clk320x

    Clunk when going over speed bumps

    I seem to have a clunk noise coming from the near of the car... This only happens just as I have come off a speed bump, i.e the rear of the car has just driven over the speed bump and as it returns to level road... (very hard to word this sensibly LOL) Basically as the rear bounces slightly...
  3. R

    2014 C63 - Clunk when steering and odd noise when driving - Dealer says Driveshaft?

    Hi All my 2014 C63 has sprung up two issues which I'm unsure are related. Basically, issue one is a horrible clunking sound when turning the steering wheel when the car is stood still (to get out of a space etc). It is a horrid noise.. it feels like the wheel is skipping across a sloppy or...
  4. estate-agent

    CLK "clunk" on deceleration

    CLK 270 CDI (2003) As above, on medium to hard deceleration I get a single clunk from I think middle / rear of car. Now my guessing is either something relating to rear diff or the universal joint in middle of propshaft. Just wanted to see if anyone has had this issue and what the...
  5. lfckeeper


    Cars going back in on Tuesday after both NSF control arms were replaced and tracking was sorted as its doing the following... Straightening the wheel after a quick (40-45 mph) sharp turn (coming off a large roundabout) theres a clunk. Dosent happen at any other time, only after quick sharp...
  6. S

    ssangyong 722.6 merc auto gearbox clunk noise

    hi all need some help here or a miracle , i have real problems with this car , first got it about 4 months ago , drives like a dream until i took it to have a full service , brakes , filters , transmission fluid , filter and gasket , etc , after 5 mins of leaving the garage to the car started...
  7. brucemillar

    Clunk Click - Non Mercedes but well known on here

    Folks My lovely 3.5 V6 24v Pajero (yes the one that was rescued from certain death by Carat 3.6) every now and again I turn the ignition to start and I get a resounding click but nothing else. Then if I turn the key again I sometimes get a loud buzzing from the passenger side dash. I presume...
  8. Taipan

    2005 A209 roof clunk and dong noice when going over bumps?

    Hi All, When i go over something like a speed bump I get a "dong" type noise, which I assumed was th exhaust hitting the body. So I took it into a garage and got them to check the exhaust mounts but they are all solid with no more play than they should have. Also when my roof closes right...
  9. Grotbag1

    A209 CLK 2005 - Convertible Roof noise clunk

    Hi all Can I ask some advise. I have had my CLK for about 4 weeks and have used it with the top down this weekend for the first time. The roof goes up and down without any problems but it does make a few noises. Can someone please tell me if the following is normal. ROOF GOING DOWN The...
  10. T

    Gearbox clunk

    It's my first automatic and when putting it from park into reverse the box makes quite a clunk,think I'm pressing the brake pedal hard enough,any ideas or hints? Cheers,Tommy. Ps,it's a 07 sl 350.
  11. 190

    W204 2009 Front suspension clunk resolved

    Just wanted to thank the forum for giving a lead that helped me resolve a low speed clunk in the front suspension. Perhaps the symptoms and resolution might help someone else. Having recently bought a W204 C180K I was disappointed with an intermittent clunk from the NSF suspension that...
  12. horatio

    Loud clunk, rear wheel 210

    I suddenly had a loud clunk from the rear drivers wheel area of my 210 estate. It now makes a pretty bad noise over potholes and divots in the road. I looked under the car expecting a rear spring to have broken but everything looks ok (although a bit worn and crusty looking). The springs look...
  13. C

    W211 estate - rear clunk on braking

    Hi I'm a new S211 owner (320 cdi sport). I've just had the car in for an A service (62k miles) and to replace some faults found - front bushings/arms and a few other items. I now notice a noise from the rear. I can repeat consistently by stopping, letting the car pull away forwards for about...
  14. thebig1

    Steering Clunk

    Hi guys, When reversing out of my drive, when I go to full right lock, there is a Horus noise from the front, a sort of clunk. My Audi S5 had similar but that was the 4wd system. Any ideas? It's a 2013 C63
  15. E

    "Clunk" noise?

    Good evening, Recently I've been having this "clunk" noise coming from my front right tyre. I don't know how to describe it other than the "hit" can be felt in the dashboard and it really takes away the "comfort-feel". It happens when driving on uneven terrain, small potholes, rocks on dirt...
  16. pnevesfoto

    W203 Estate • front left clunk when braking suddenly at low speed •

    Hi, a few days ago I felt a front left clunk when braking suddenly at low speed, while another car surges from a private entrance... Thought it may be something loose because days before I had both the control arms replaced at that wheel suspension... lifted up the car, checked every bolt...
  17. mannikon

    Window goes "clink" not "clunk"

    W211 saloon Avantgarde. Just today, my driver side window closes with a sort of tinkling sound rather than the soft clunk or thunk it used to close with. Other windows have that satisfying thunk but driver's door window has this metallic or glassy sound when it reaches the top. Something on its...
  18. L

    Annoying clunk from rear. S203 C32 AMG

    I have an annoying knock from the rear n/s suspension especially when the boot is loaded. I have checked all the rubber bushes and changed the rose joint in the hub carrier (it was shot). I can find no movement in any of the suspension parts and the subframe mounts look fine with no cracking. Is...
  19. K

    Clunk in steering

    When car is stationary I hear a clunk noise when i turn my steering wheel left and right, i think its coming from left side car also swerves with almost its own force to right on turning right when turning in a road at very slow speed, and also on going over bumps left side feels its loosing...
  20. W

    Suspension clunk

    I'm looking for a bit of input please to a problem I've been thusfar unable to pinpoint. I've a 2002 S210 with 151k miles. Over the last few months I've replaced the front lower arms, ARBs, droplinks and lower ball joints. The drop links only this weekend as I thought this was the source of the...
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