1. P

    2008 W211 E280 Two jerks, slight clunks when shifting from park to reverse?

    Hi Folks, Just received the car back from mechanics after it had a transmission oil and filter change. Now I am not entirely sure whether the following used to occur of whether I noticed it since I was conscious of the work that had been carried out. When I shift from park to reverse I feel...
  2. neilz

    W124 coupe - squeaky and clunky

    My car is a W124 E220 Coupe from '95 and along with the engine issues posted separately I've got the following problems: 1) Front axle sometimes knocks when turning left, tends to be with sharper corners, usually when turning while going over a speed bump! (A-frame suggested) 2) Rear right...
  3. stwat

    Clunks when i select drive

    Hi My 190 auto clunks and kind of, jerks forward a little when when i put it into drive. Is this normal? Or could a bush or mounting be worn? Also it can somtimes jerk into forth. Will changeing the oil make the change a lot smoother? Thanks, Stu :)
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