1. T

    W212 e220 cdi rear light clusters

    Hi all I'm new to Mercedes so this may or may not be an issue; in fact it could be the user. The outer rear light cluster on my W212 works intermittently when I unlock the car. The inner clusters on both sides (boot lid) work as does the outer on the drivers side. When I start the car...
  2. C

    Wanted rear clusters face-lift w211

    As above after a pair of rear clusters. Must be complete and in good condition. Thanks Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  3. Mjb007

    Mercedes ml Face lift rear light clusters ?

    Hi just a quick question does anybody know if facelift rear light clusters fit pre face lift mercedes ml,s I'm looking to buy 03 on to replace my 2000 ml 270 cdi Thanks
  4. V

    Any tried these rear plate number light clusters?

    Hello all After trying the usual LED lights for the front side lights and the rear number plate lights i usually find that either they dont last too long or the front lights tend to be blue, despite saying "white" on the packet. Im not too sure if theres a problem with the holders on the back...
  5. G

    W163 ml500/55 amg dial clusters

    Hi. Can anyone here tell me if a speedo dial cluster from a 2003 ML55 AMG is compatible to fit into a 2002 ML500? Thanks
  6. W

    LED Rear Light Clusters

    Hi there, new to the forum and looking for advice. I have a 57 plate 280CDi E Class Estate. I want to change the rear light clusters to LED's, so that's indicators, running lights and reversing lights. Is this possible and if so where would I be able to buy such things? All help massively...
  7. Mo-benz

    C63 rear light clusters 2012 to retrofit 2011

    Hi does anyone here sell a pair of coded new 2012 version rear cluster lights for c63amg ? I'm a little lost as how/ who can do this coding??? Thanks pleaese help!...
  8. G

    Rear light clusters for 01 W210

    Mine are the ones which keep burning bulbs :( Need a pair of non burn out original merc parts please.
  9. Alfie

    Colour instrument clusters for sale

    I have two brand new instrument clusters for sale. Both colour ones! Both boxed. One is for a W204. Removed from a brand new W204 with just 26 miles on the clock. Looking for £350. RRP is £1100! Auction on ebay starts tonight about 8PM...
  10. sub_zero

    Innovative W124 dashboards (clusters)

    hello members, I happened to be passing by this Russian web site,they created modern and attractive dashboards for W124,really amazing,one is a combine of W140 dash and SLR dash!!! check here cheers
  11. mirras

    R230 - 2003 rear light clusters - eBay

    Now my beloved SL500 has gone to a new home, I'm having a bit of a clear out via eBay to assist with the W221 fund... if anyone is interested feel free to message or PM me for info. Thanks Robert Mercedes SL500, SL350 rear light clusters R230 '02-06 on eBay (end time 29-Jul-11 21:02:06 BST)
  12. C

    w124 / C124 coupe -light clusters?

    Has anyone come across anything new/different in regard to both front and rear lights clusters for a 95 124? Ive seen a few examples...but nothing too special... ?? Thanks guys!
  13. C

    CLK (W209) Facelift rear clusters

    Wanting to upgrade, preferably to the tinted facelift clusters. Cash waiting. Please PM me. Thanks, Jay
  14. M

    W124 Rear clusters

    Hi, Will the newer style rear clusters with the clear indicators fit onto an older style W124 with the orange indicators? and does anyone know the best place to get them from? Ta.
  15. Alps

    FEELER:- AMG 63 speedo clusters

    I may have access to some 63 AMG speedos in mph Brand new, these will be roughly £280 there are a few scratches on the perspex, but you can swap these out with the ones in yours, ive ordered one for myself as an upgrade to mine in the E55, PM me if interested if i buy 10 i`ll get you guys a...
  16. EDZ649

    Wanted SL 129 Facelift rear light clusters

    Anyone have a good pair of these please?
  17. gurpz

    Complete W211 Front Light Clusters

    A pair of Complete W211 Front Light Clusters, perhaps some use to someone
  18. L

    Reprogramming clusters

    Hello, I was wondering, is it possible to reprogram a cluster? I have a c43 amg one on the way and I was wondering if it can be reprogrammed with the mileage that is on my car. I have heard you can download the information from the car at the dealership, then install the new cluster and...
  19. stats007

    What instrument clusters support APS30 display?

    Does anyone know what models you can have the instrument cluster display the BE4716 APS30 sat nav information? I read this thread but it doesn't detail any specific cars. Will it work on my R129?
  20. C

    W202 Rear Light Clusters

    One of my rear light clusters needs replacing as it’s cracked (been like it since I got the car, I just haven’t got round to doing anything about it before now). Can someone tell me what different styles of rear light cluster are available for the W202 ? I’ve seen a ‘smoked’ style in addition to...
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