1. FateSynchro

    Clutch relearn/Gearbox reset - E63 W212

    My box is a bit less smooth first thing on a morning and sometimes after been stood (hot) for a few hours, usually 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th are the two that make a more obvious shift, its not mega rough or anything but there is a noticeable difference between the rest of the shifts. I have...
  2. zoros

    Pulley clutch unit SL55

    Need some advice please? I believe MSL is the place to do the smaller supercharger pulley and chip upgrade? Does this 'tweak' include the whole pulley and clutch assembly for the price or just the pulley, please? Sepsarately. Where is the best place to purchase the following: Supercharger...
  3. S

    Clutch Hose Conection

    Hi, got a 2010 213, struggling to disconnect clutch hose. Anyone got a clue before I break this.
  4. O

    M113k Supercharger clutch gapping.

    Hi all, Im getting a jerk and slipping when the supercharger engages, ive checked the gapping and its well out. Its now down to 510mm with no shims, does anyone know which part i need to replace at bring the gapping into spec 035 to 042mm ? I take it i have a wron clutch, the car has a...
  5. zoros

    Supercharger bearing or clutch

    Excuse my ignorance but when the engine is cold, very cold and I flash it up, there is a loud clicking / metallic 'catching' sound coming from the vicinity of the supercharger pulley / tensioner area. After the engine gets hot (not warm) the sound goes. Tensioner or supercharger bearing? As an...
  6. H

    C220, W03 Clutch question

    Trying to work out the correct clutch kit / code to order. My Clutch just gave up the ghost today. Its a late 2004 C class 2.1 646 963 203 . 008 Can somebody please help me with the part number am looking for. Would really appreciate it. Going to double check it tomorrow but am quite sure its...
  7. K

    S211 E55 Aircon Clutch Pulley

    Was wondering if anyone knows if anyone besides Merc stocks the aircon pulley for a S211 E55 please. The merc part is A0002341312 £195. Searches on eBay and Google have turned up nothing? Regards.
  8. brucemillar

    Viscous Fan Clutch ?

    Non-Mercedes but it is still a viscous fan? Would I be correct in assuming that my Viscous Fan is is goosed (or out of silicone oil) if it operates normally from cold but after the engine gets up to hot standing traffic temps, it locks = correct but then stays locked even after the engine and...
  9. mark_le_b

    Double clutch gearbox.....?

  10. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce fan clutch

    Hi guys correct me if I'm wrong but my car should have a viscous fan clutch (I recall my 230ce m103 had an electric one). Anyone have a diy on how to replace this? From what I searched they call for belt removal but I don't understand why this is necessary surely you just undo the bolt...
  11. V

    clutch master cylinder

    hello everyone i apologise in advance if this is not the correct forum to post this in but i cannot find anywhere else to post about this. w639 111 2.2cdi 2005 my clutch master cylinder recently started leaking and small amounts of brake fluid started dripping onto the floor, i have been...
  12. W

    C200 cdi w204 heavy clutch when driving for long periods

    Hi guy's some help needed My c200 cdi w204, after driving for roughly 20-30 miles the clutch becomes very stiff to depress or if I hit heavy traffic start stop, but if I pump the pedal a few times it seems to go back to normal ?
  13. PaulPJ

    Checking Clutch Fluid

    Hi Chaps, I have a 2007 w204 6 speed manual and was wondering where the clutch fluid reservoir is, that's assuming that it is hydraulic and not cable. My previous car was a Rover 75 and the clutch fluid reservoir was on top of the clutch pedal and a real pig to get at. Many thanks Paul
  14. Hunty2198

    C32 supercharger clutch plate

    I need a supercharger clutch plate kit for a C32 AMG, 2002, W203
  15. wu56Shoozz

    2006 Vito 111cdi - Stiff Clutch

    Okay, I'm getting the hang of this new found beast.. but I've noticed that I've a stiff clutch, creaks on the pedal a bit... should I be worried? I've had it checked by a mechanic who advises its fine biting point is where it should be but I just wonder is it the springs in the clutch that...
  16. A

    Faulty clutch: Can I claim for expenses?

    Hoping you guys can help me out here. :) I recently bought a clutch from a seller on eBay. Seller had good feedback, it was a branded clutch (Exedy). I had the seller confirm it was the correct clutch for the car before buying. It arrived, took it to my mechanic to fit. He fitted it. Told me it...
  17. E

    Euro Car Parts are an official Distributor for Clutch Masters products

    Clutch Masters clutches are specifically designed for varying stages of high performance and/or racing uses. From the street performance enthusiast who requires more grab than a stock unit while retaining everyday drivability, to the racer who needs a clutch to survive under the grueling...
  18. RyanMuller

    squeak (supercharger clutch?)

    Hello, I have a really annoying squeak when I set off from a stand still. The car is a c32 amg with 84k on the clock. It doesn't do it in reverse so I'm assuming its something to do with the supercharger? It sounds like its coming right from the front of the car. Is my car toast? Ryan
  19. R

    Sprinter 313 W906 Squeaky clutch Pedal??

    Just bought a 13 plate sprinter and the clutch pedal creaks and squeaks like hell. Does anyone know of a solution? I have sprayed the top of the pedal where it pivots but hasn't made a difference
  20. D

    Mercedes 16ltr v8 twin turbo clutch change

    Admin please remove if this aint allowed This is by far the biggest mercedes engine iv ever worked on, its fitted in a Grove 5100 all terrian crane that weighs around 70t on the road so this engine and transmission gets quite stressed, its got a 680hp and does around 2-3 mpg on a good day...
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