1. G

    Repair with JB Weld - mould release coat?

    I'm going to attempt an adaptation of a W176 black Mercedes bonnet star to the W169/R230 type of fixing. This will involved taking a mould from my original bonnet badge and forming a copy on the back of the new one. If I use a silicone rubber mould, what would I need to release the formed...
  2. MickyP64

    Clear Coat Remove/Repair

    The clear coat on the panoramic sunroof of our W169 is looking a bit tatty and sorry for itself. It looks to me that a probable combination of sun/heat and wind has caused the clear coat to flake and come away – it only seems to be on the trailing edge of each louvered panel. I’d like to get it...
  3. Norte23

    Fusso coat soft 99

    Well the car is washed, dried & R222 paint cleansed. Fusso applied, waited 15 mins then power buffed. Looks pretty good. This is not a picture of the sky. It's the reflection of the sky in the bonnet hahaha
  4. MB James

    Anyone used Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat?

    Looks good. The trade magazine, Professional Driver is recommending it. Wondering if you hardcore detailers like it?
  5. MOR8A

    Clear coat on alloy damaged by tyre company, what would you do?

    Had 2 new tyre valves fitted today and in the process one of the alloys has sustained a light amount of damage to the clear coat on the diamond cut face of the alloy. Although it no damaged the alloy itself we all know the implications this will have to this already troublesome alloy finish and...
  6. F

    Spider cracks in gel coat of skirt.

    Noticed a few very fine cracks in one of my fiberglass skirts on my 209, could these be cleaned out with thinners (scored with a Stanley knife?) and filled with touch up paint, then sanded down and compounded after a few days, or is that just too easy to be true?
  7. D

    Mercedes hard clear coat - safe to use polish?

    My 2012 black E250 coupe arrived last week and I've slowly been purchasing detailing products to give her a good clean. I had planned to use Meguiar's Ultra Compound with a Sonus SFX hand pad as I don't have access to a DA, nor the skill! However as I understand the Mercedes use a very hard...
  8. Chrishazle

    Refurb Paint Or Powder Coat?

    I've just bought a set of 17" AMG rims for my 2008 S204. They are in need of full refurb due to lacquer peel etc. I know a good place to get them fully stripped and repainted - they did my 968 wheels last year and made a superb job of them at a reasonable price. I'm wondering whether I'd be...
  9. S

    Car Respray Without Clear Coat

    Hi all, I've just had a car re spray of a solid colour (black) and when I was polishing it the other day, I realised that it clearly doesn't have a clear coat on it since I saw a small amount of paint on the cloth. Is this standard practice for re spraying a solid colour car? I know some...
  10. M

    glaze coat slightly damaged

    Good afternoon ! New member 1st post.....hope it works ? Have a 2009 CLK 220CDI and have managed to slightly mess up the glaze coat on 2 small areas of coachwork by using too abrasive a sponge I think. Looking for advice on products or any other way to sort this out...only marks on an...
  11. carat 3.6

    s124 e280 + wire coat hanger

    Read all the questions and answers at the bottom... Wire Coat Hanger + Mercedes E280 Estate | eBay
  12. R

    Coat 22

    Having said I wouldn't post anymore photos of my black shiney car; I just had to post these. These are after applying Turtlewax Black Box. Love it! Just to explain my madness. I don't actually spend much time detailing on account of running my business, being involved with a church and...
  13. R

    Coat 21

    For those who hate detailing and detailers please resist the urge to comment. To those of you who are interested then please read on. The weather is lovely today so I couldn't resist an hour and a half on the car. Today saw coats 20 and 21. Coat 20 was Russ's reflectology No1 (10ml in a...
  14. R

    Coat 15

    Yesterdays Coat 13 of Demon Shine left my Black slightly "milky". So two coats of Black wax sorted that out! No sealant on the top at the mo. Other people take lunch hours!
  15. R

    Coat 13 and engine bay

    Todays task was Coat 13, I did all paint and the wheels with Demon Shine (neat). The result is shiny but took a bit of elbow grease as it became a bit smeary on top of C2. Not as happy with DS today as I have been in the past especially on my silver car. I also redid the engine bay with DS...
  16. R

    Coat 12 :)

    Coat 10 Black wax, Coat 11 Normal wax, Coat 12 C2.
  17. R

    Resist resist resist the 10th coat!!!!

    Resist resist resist the 10th coat!!!! The sun is out and it's a glorious day. the car really doesn't need a 10th coat of wax or sealant!! Resist resist......
  18. LTD

    Coat Hangers

    Like these ... I hear that you should remove these if you have rear passengers you should remove these - presumably due to safely. Would this apply to a LWB ????
  19. M

    Alloy wheel lacquer vs regular clear coat

    I've just bought a cheap set of w124 8 hole alloys from fleabay to experiment on (Too much time on my hands at the mo), and already have most of what I need to refurb them. The one thing I do need to buy is a clear lacquer as they'll be painted. Looking around online there are various products...
  20. G

    Prevention for Clear Coat Peeling?

    A little bit of clear coat is starting to peel on my trunk lid. I know there isn't a simple cure to fix what's already come off, but what kind of steps can I take to maintain the rest of the car and to prevent this from happening a few years down the line to larger areas like the head and roof...
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