1. Celicasaur

    DPE M156 RHD long tube manifolds - ceramic coated

    Hi guys, gauging interest on my DPE exhaust manifolds because I may sell up soon. These are good for 570hp with a tune on a normal C or E 63. I think after import taxes and shipping etc, I paid around £2400 for them a few months ago. I haven't fitted them and as such, they are brand new...
  2. RyanMuller

    Painted or Powder Coated Wheels

    What are everyone's thoughts. Is powder coating worth the extra money? Heard it chips more easily, is it true?
  3. J

    Can Vario roof glass be re coated ?

    2009 R171 Slk 280. I have noticed that one of the black triangular glass panels of my Vario roof is partially discoloured/faded. It's almost as if it has lost some of the paint covering (if indeed it had any) Has anyone else had this problem, and can it be restored ?
  4. C

    Powder coated calipers - keeping them clean

    My calipers are powder coated yellow. When clean they look superb, but they get dirty quickly. The only way I have found to clean them is to remove the wheels and get to work on them. I don't mind doing this, but what is the best product to use to clean brake dust etc. off them? And is...
  5. IMD

    1997 R129 Leather seats - are they vinyl coated?

    Hi folks, My SL500 has orion grey leather interior. I've just bought some Gliptone Liquid Leather cleaner and Conditioner. I have a few creases and slight cracks and I can see that the conditioner will penetrate these, but am I right in thinking that the leather is Vinyl coated anyway. If...
  6. MWCLS

    4 X 8.5j 17" Alloys OEM CLS 5 Spoke powder coated Gloss black

    Four OEM Mercedes W 219 CLS Alloys powder coated Gloss black less than 500 miles ago. Front 8.5j x 17" offset 28 x 2 with Continental Sport Contact 3 MO tyres 245/45/17 99Y XL 4MM Tread on both one tyre dated week 12 year 11 the other week 29 year 10 Rear 8.5j x 17" offset 18 x 2 with...
  7. C

    SL55 - Brakes powder coated and BBS wheels on

    Hi all, Had a few requests for pics of these wheels so thought you all might like to see a few pics of the SL55 wearing her new boots. Done a lot to her in a year, full write up coming soon, but in summary: Respray New front bumper SL63 rear bumper Carbon door handles, fins. Carbon...
  8. H

    Wheel refurb - paint or plastic coated

    Hi All. I'm planning to get the 18" alloys on my W212 refurb'd before winter. A couple have scuffs or minor chips and dings on them. It looks like the faces are polished while the inners are painted. Two questions: 1. Anyone know a decent place I the West Mids/Black Country who can do a...
  9. 300CE

    M104 cam cover 300CE24 / 300TE24 Shot-blasted and powder coated red

    Mercedes Benz M104 cam cover 300CE24 / 300TE24 | eBay
  10. Ian B Walker

    Powder Coated Wheels.

    On Monday my translator and I (Ray)went to the "Wheel Doctor" in Leeds (have had the passport stamped) to see about repairing one of my alloys. They dont seem to be able to repair the rim although they claim to be able to remove the curbing. So, I have left my wheel for them to play with. Having...
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