1. J

    Sat Nav screen anti glare coating

    I have just bought a 2008 350SL and am a newbie to the MB Club( I do have another Merc Estate so am familiar with the workings etc). My question is , and am sure that this problem has been discussed many times. My screen has had most of the coating of antiglare wiped off by previous owners etc...
  2. R

    Lacquer coating coming off front 2008 E Class

    Bit of advice really . Seems like the coating/lacquer is coming off in patches around he front of my e class & starting to look bit of a mess , no rust just looks like it's peeling Any one any remedies :mad::confused::crazy:
  3. uumode

    High water repellent coating

    I was originally thinking of getting Kamikaze Overcoat applied with insane water beading and pearl formation [video time 2.19min] But their sister product Kamikaze Infinity Wax almost has NO beading at all, almost totally water repellent with no need...
  4. Deane x

    Ceramic glass coating

    I have found a detailers thanks to merc85 ,and they look good , I watched one of there videos where there talking about ceramic glass coating and was thinking of having it done as soon as my car is delivered any one got any views on it
  5. S

    Amazing coating for metallic paint

    I have just had my Discovery detailed by Ed at Divine Detailing and he used a new coating on the metallic paint. I've sworn by GTECH products in the past but this stuff really is on a different level. The colour of the car has actually changed as a result and the flake in the paint is more...
  6. S

    New Mercades Powder Coating

    No caption needed really.
  7. M

    Metallized coating

    Evening. Does anyone know if the ML55 AMG has a metallized coating on the windscreen that would prevent a sat nav from receiving the sat. signal My Tom Tom and Garmin cannot seem to hold onto or even receive the sat signal. Many thanks. Martin.
  8. E

    Ceramic coating

    Booked the car in to have a ceramic coating applied. Feeling a little unsure as if any mistakes are made its not like it can be just rubbed off. I was thinking of asking him to also coat the wood interior as I've noticed it scratches very easy which I'm not impressed with.
  9. s4mb0

    Diamond cut / powder coating

    Can you powder coat diamond cut alloys instead of having them re-cut Mercedes E320 v6 sport
  10. MDC250

    Deal on DW - ceramic coating

    Anybody in the market for a ceramic coating, there is a good deal on at the moment for a Group Buy on Detailing World. Read the on within the link to see that postage has been reduced to £3.95 and at £38 for the product feasible to try rather than take a chance at full hit (normally £89 plus...
  11. M

    Ultimate 50/50 and crystal lacquer coating demo.

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would share with you the ultimate 50/50 I demo'ed at the mbclub open day we had late last year at the studio. Well worth the look at what can be fixed: Gemclean Detailing-Ultimate 50/50 - YouTube The corrected side was the crystal lacquered & hydrophobic coating...
  12. Alex

    [GROUP BUY] Zircotec Ceramic Coating for Exhaust Headers, Downpipes, Exhaust Tips

    This is a group buy for ceramic coating of exhaust components, like manifolds, downpipes and even exhaust tips from a UK-based specialist in this area, company Zircotec. Below is a very informative discussion and Zircotec's video on benefits of ceramic coated exhaust manifolds...
  13. M

    Gemclean Detailing-C1, EXOv2 & I1 Crystal lacquer & Hydrophobic coating in action!

    Hi Guys, As the title says! This was mbclub member 'Aeroman' 2013 Bentley GTC 4,000 miles after it was in for the full works. This shows how the coatings work a 6 months into being applied on a dirty car. This was just before christmas, so enjoy, Gemclean Detailing-Gtechniq C1 EXOv2 & I1...
  14. Mat B

    Ceramic Coating

    Hi all I'm looking at getting my induction and potentially some headers wrapped or ceramic coated to reduce heat. Can anyone recommend somewhere to get this done or products to try many thanks
  15. WDB124066

    What coating for new 124 headlights to make insects slide off?

    I have a replacement pair of headlights that I am going to fit, but before I do I thought it would make sense to coat them with something that will make the many many insects we get here just slide off. One of those Gtechniq type products - any suggestions; also for grille and bumper boomerangs...
  16. U

    city powder coating

    Hi has any one use these guys they seem to have some good deals going thanks
  17. 24 VRT

    Advice on coating (paint) thickness gauge

    I'm about to start what will probably be a long and difficult attempt to buy a classic car and I need to find a reasonably priced PTG so I can check for accident repairs that are not obvious to the eye. I don't want to spend loads of dosh, but conversely I'm not going to need something that's...
  18. M

    G-Techniq EXO Hybrid Coating Mini Demo

    Hi Guys 29 Days ago I applied EXO Hybrid Coating to the bonnet. The van has not been washed/touched since this date so the bonnet also has 29 days of road grime and contaminants on top of the coating. But as you can see it still has great beading elements. The front windscreen had G1 applied...
  19. S

    Powder Coating Recommendations - South East

    Can anyone recommend a good powder coating company preferable in the London/surrounding London area, want to get my valve covers and intakes coated. Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  20. AJA

    City Powder Coating

    Take a look at this offer guys & gals - City Powder Coaters Ltd. Birmingham. 0121 448 7646. A friend of mine has used them and the results are amazing - Before - Afters - Anybody else used them?
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