1. ToeKnee

    From a cobra to a R230

    Hi all, been reading many threads on this forum with great interest as I sold my Cobra replica to fund a R230 SL500. Well I collected my car on Tuesday and am really impressed with the whole package, it's a 2006 model with the 5.5l engine. Hopefully I'll fir in here, I was a major contributor to...
  2. A

    AC Cobra Replica

    Hi all Just thought I would put this advert up here to see if there is any interest. I'm selling my Dax Tojeiro (AC Cobra Replica). I've owned since 2007. Ad can be found here Dax Tojeiro (AC Cobra Replica) For Sale (2000) on Car And Classic UK [C643209] Price is negotiable within...
  3. markjay

    AC Cobra

    For no reason.... just a random post. Found on YouTube: Cobra 427 hill Climb malmedy 2011 - YouTube
  4. W

    BMW Cobra

  5. Palfrem

    Cobra replica -

    Windmill Collection Scroll down to the first car. What does the team think? I might go for a look....
  6. 300CE

    Granada mk 1 32v v8 cobra

    Regan would've loved using this to chase those MK2 Jags! granada mk 1 32v v8 cobra | eBay
  7. S

    vito 639 cobra alarm mw sensor wiring

    Hi I have a 2006 Vito with a Cobra alarm module in the rear part number A639 820 05 10 and I have knocked the wires out of the plug, I need to know the pin wiring configuration if possible. Many thanks
  8. Blackman

    W124 Cobra Alarm Installation

    MISTAKE IN THE TITLE: It's actually a Clifford alarm, sorry! I hired a guy to install the alarm on my W124, but after he finished it, the central locking wasn't working, if you used the remote control. It locks and unlocks fine using the original key on the door, but not with the remote. He...

    Cobra To Slk

    Hi guys & gals, i own & am trying to sell an AC Cobra replica. When i do i am going to buy an Slk. Probably 01 or 02 reg, your thoughts on which one to go for would be appreciated. also anyone want to px (cob up for £13000) get in touch. Thanks
  10. scooter

    cobra alarm 7910

    hi i have a cobra alarm in my car when i bought it the previous owner lost fob instead of replacing the fob he just cut the wires but the wire alarm is still in the car i have contacted cobra for a wiring diagram but they refused to give me one or email me one they did say take to car sparky and...
  11. Howard

    Cobra Seats - Brand New

    These aren't mine , but i spotted them today... Don't know if anyone has a project on the go - building a special or whatever ... Ian ? Grav ? Mark ? But...
  12. gurpz

    Cobra Stainless Steel Backbox For C43/E55 AMG

    Fully custom made and totally stainless steel, might interest someone:
  13. NW_Merc

    Cobra seats - viable upgrade?

    I have a W202, and the drivers and passenger seats are worn, I was considering the Cobra Le mans as replacements, any advice?
  14. Maff

    03 Cobra vs CL65 AMG Video's

    Those cobra's shift! Regards, Matt.
  15. C

    Cobra ESD-9210

    This device will detect X,K,Ka,V and S (radar bands ?) and also laser. It will also detect VG-2 (police operated) detection device emanations. I feel that this is enormously comforting, but I would feel infinitely more comfort if I knew just exactly what they all were and how many of them are in...
  16. stwat

    Standard E55 eats highly tuned cobra for breakfast Sorry, cant get the link to work :(
  17. Koolvin

    Cobra Vs E55
  18. Ian B Walker

    Cobra vs E55

    For those of you who wish to see the clip I have uploaded the clip to our Mbclub-file in Poundhost. :eek:
  19. Steve_Perry

    Mercedes AMG E55 vs 2003 Cobra (vid)

    Linky (windows media, right click and save) Heh those of you with Broadband, let me know what it's like :p Still d/loading here on my trusty 56k dial-up :rolleyes: S.
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