1. R

    engine code

    Hi guys, I apologise for my ignorance here but how do I find out the engine code for my car ?? I have a 66 plate CLS 220 shooting brake Thanks in advance
  2. shanksy

    M111.960 - blink Code 21 on Pin 8

    Hi All, Have now managed to extract codes with constructed code reader.... All codes stay cleared now except for Code 21 on Pin 8. I cannot, however, find any definitive list of codes for the e220 with the M111.960 engine though. The nearest I can get is the CS1000 scanner manual which...
  3. S

    P02f0 fault code

    Hi all i am a new member amd also new to mercs and after picking my new one up today i get back and do a fault code check on it to find it has a fault code of P02F0 cylinder injector circuit performance 3 i had cleared it and its come straight back, there isnt a light on the dash or anything...
  4. OneForTheRoad

    error code b1226

    w211 incar temperature sensor , are these easily changed or can i just hoover it , its throwing up as the error on my aircon . thanks.
  5. 4

    w211 sbc C2498 error code

    Service brake visit workshop message .how to remove this. I have star days xentry
  6. F

    Fault code c2359 can it be cleared?

    I recently had SBC problems with my cls55 amg. my original pump had an internal fault so I sourced a pump with the same part no. As my own and the said pump had been "reconditioned" with the counter set to 0. After spending hours fitting the new pump and bleeding the system I was getting the...
  7. J

    Slk Error Code P0500

    I believe it's to with a speed sensor, EML is on .. is it ok to drive around town and will it be a costly fix? Or is it a diy?
  8. pauljbpaul

    Seeking early 129 two tone colour code

    Hello all, My 1990 500SL is arctic white, a little too much arctic white as its had the plastics colour coded instead of the original two tone it came with, i love the early two tone look so want to have the plastics repainted, i contacted mercedes for the lower colour code and they gave me...
  9. DRBC43AMG

    Error code 135

    Yesterday, I did a scan of my W202 C43 and came up with a problem area in the transmission. It gives a error code n° 135 with the info of the Siemens TCU module 021 545 87 32 located in the passenger footwell. I tried erasing the code with no success. The transmission works fine. A year ago I...
  10. K

    Can anyone recommend the best reasonably priced fault code reader

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on the best fault code kit under £250. I guess you can't get to star capability but it would be good to get the best for the bugdet. Thanks
  11. D

    eml light with code P20E8

    Good evening, Yesterday morning my eml came on, I read the code P20E8 "reductant pressure too low" the car seemed to be running as normal, I erased the code but then it came back again this morning. Has anyone any experience with this code or have any suggestions I can try to diagnose...
  12. H

    Fault code 9377

    Can anyone tell me how to how to fix , code from S**R Machine reading.:confused: Cheers Hog
  13. Alex225

    Faul Code - Definite?

    **FAULT CODE** Apologies for the typo in the title! Bit of an odd title but I'm having an ongoing issue following on from this thread. Basically I've got a battery symbol and "Visit Workshop" on the dash. Front...
  14. Psilonaught

    Colour code for rear E63 2014 black diffuser?

    I noticed a couple of stone chips which reveal a white material below the gloss black paint. Anyone know the correct paint to touch it up??
  15. chester

    Code P0101

    32000 ml and the engine light comes on, Now checked the listing and it seems it the air flow sensor . Bought the cleaning spray but for some reason I can not get the connections to release so I can remove it to clean. I know this is common issue but my tablet won't let me search the site for...
  16. D

    Does anyone have a discount code for

    Before I buy a dye kit just wondering if anyone has a discount code? Cheers
  17. I

    Vito w639 fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground

    Hi any help please my vito is coming up with fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground changed she still same so now I have had the egr deleted and that same fault code is still coming up Evan after egr deleted has any one had this problem????? Thanks in advance Sent from my...
  18. M

    Getting P1409 Fault Code

    I'm getting the above fault code on my E320 CDi Inline 6. Symptoms are car going into limp mode if I exceed 3000 revs. Clears if I stop and restart. The fault code is described thus on my reader: "EGR Vacuum regulator solenoid circuit fault" As my EGR is electronic could this relate...
  19. M

    P0244 error Code Turbo actuator.

    P0244 error Code: Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid A Circuit Range/Performance Had this error coming and going on my 320 ML CDI for a long time, finally it went into limp mode and it looked like the turbo had had it. Took it to Mercedes in Angers France and was quoted around €4500 for a...
  20. M

    W210 2002 wings needed . travertine beige code 693

    Hello,if anyone has both wings for an e class w210 2002 ,paint code 693 ,, give me a shout ? Andy 07508 849 700 Thanks
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