1. F

    Is W210 E55 ESP/BAS module coded?

    My car is being a pain in the ass. Some of the pins on the big silver ECU (at the very back of the ECU box nearest the bulkhead) I found bent, others seem shorter like they've been pushed in. I've straightened the bent ones and reconnected the short ones temporarily with bits of wire but I just...
  2. PeterE320Cdi

    Would new Audio 30 need to be coded to the car?

    I swapped my Audio 30 with one from a breaker and have lost the steering wheel controls and the auto on/off when you turn the car on or off. Would I need to get the radio coded to the car by someone with Star or have I purchased a fauty unit? Thanks. Peter
  3. C

    Adding folding mirrors - do they need to be coded in?

    As above, adding folding mirrors to my '56 plate S203 - will I need to use Star to get them coded in/working? They'll be folded in/out only by pressing the buttons on the control panel (there's no Convenience option within dash settings, so assume I can't get them to auto-fold on lock/unlock?).
  4. K

    Why does an alarm siren have to be coded to a vehicle?

    I need a new alarm siren at £85 but also have to pay for it to be coded to the car, why? The siren fits many other cars so why does it need this, just puzzled. Steve...
  5. ioweddie

    1997 MERCEDES C240 SPORT SILVER.... spares or repair needs key re coded

    Heres a possible bargain for someone. ebay number below 400449314871
  6. benz13

    W202 colour coded door handles

    Wanted a full set of silver 744 door handles for my w202 sport .
  7. L

    MB 'Bose' radio/cassette player - Coded

    Hi, I've got this listed on ebay if anyone's interested? 'Mercedes-Benz 'Bose' radio/cassette player - Coded' Genuine Mercedes-Benz 'Bose' radio/cassette player - Coded | eBay Also got a few other genuine MB service bits & peices I had spare. Happy to sell directly to any club members if...
  8. Palmer

    W210 Colour coded door handles in 744 silver

    Will also fit W202. Say £55 posted?
  9. sinewave

    Comand NTG-1 coded?

    Do these units have codes that need keying if the battery is changed? If so and you don't have it is there a way of obtaining it outside of MBUK?
  10. sanj517

    Colour Coded Vinyl

    Hi Guy's, does anybody know where I can source the colour coded vinyl that surrounds the seat belt pillar on a W126 420 SE and is it easy to replace?? Best Rgds
  11. H

    NTG 2.5 Comand nicely coded

    On Tuesday Richard from Comandonline did a great job coding up my NTG 2.5 that I had recently installed in a 2007 E class estate. He updated the firmware which has allowed me to update the maps to 4.1. He also added the navigation to the cluster and added the gallons remaining and the outside...
  12. poormansporsche

    Dont Laugh but has anyone ever colour coded Chromey Arches'

    alright peeps, not saying its a good idea or im even considering doing it but just wondering what it may look like on anything :) just thought it might be something a bit different Im not sure you can sand down chrome to paint either ???? thanks Brett
  13. P

    looking for touch up paint for colour coded bumpers.

    Hello, My car is a 1994 C180 elegance. I know that the main colour is imperial red but the bumper is two tone, can anyone please tell me how I can find the code for the darker red please ? Pikachew.
  14. tlzeebub

    Is comand coded

    Tomorrow i plan to search and find the fuse boxes on my S class, can someone tell me if i pull out and check all the fuses and disrupt the power supply to the comand unit will i be asked for a code like you get on radios? TIA Chris
  15. M

    getting a key coded

    Ive just purchased my first merc, clk200 kompressor, lovely car, only one key though, i see plenty on ebay, can these be programmed either by professional or stealer :confused: thanks:)
  16. I

    Colour coded door handles

    ANy idea on how much a bodyshop would charge to colour code the door handles in a c-class?
  17. H

    Colour Coded Bumpers

    Hi all. I have a 1999 silver c200 classic saloon and i am thinking of painting the door mouldings add the tops of the bumpers the same colour as the car ,at the moment they are the standard matt dark silver which i dont like ,I would be intrested to hear from anybody who has done this mod ,i...
  18. PaulE230

    W210 Brilliant Silver colour coded door handles

    I still want to retain the chrome part of the door handle but I want to buy the bottom part in Brilliant silver I know this is possible as I have searched many threads on here about it Problem is I cant seem to work out the 4 correct part numbers and the dealer wont help. If I cant get the...
  19. aka$h

    W124 HAMMER style Colour Coded Wheels?

    Im toying with the idea of colour coding my alloys, this would mean splitting them down and having the lips polished again at the same time, a quick mess around on photoshop give you the before and after. 1. Before 2. After (the windows tinted too) I expect there will be mixed...
  20. KLP 92

    Pics of my colour coded AMG wheels

    Well finally got around to refitting my wheels together, am very appy with the colour coded look! I've lightly smoked the clear corners of the lights as they looked a bit shartp before.
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