1. M

    coding needed in West Sussex

    Hi, I have 2008 Sprinter van I've decided to add cruise control, swap basic speedo to advanced one, also the steering wheel from old style non remote buttons one to 2015yr one. On top of that ntg2.5 from sound5. for the cruise, I added the stalk and swapped accelerator pedal, so needs just...
  2. M

    SBC coding issue?

    My w211 is stuck in Park with 3 malfunctions showing on the display, "Visit workshop, service brake", "ESP defective" and "ABS defective" I can unlock the shifter using the over ride switch and then the car drives fine and the brakes work without any problem. I've changed the brake switch...
  3. L

    Xenon Headlight, SCN coding and tourist mode

    thought I might share these musings...I bought a control module off eBay, xenon headlight control module. It is a Hella unit, same as the Mercedes OEM but half the price. I fitted it myself - (quite easy) only to discover it didn't activate the main beam. After a few phone calls to Mercedes I...
  4. A

    2006 CLS new keyless door handle colour coding.

    Hi I bought a new drivers side keyless door handle for my 2006 CLS as the switches has got water in them and no longer work but found that Mercedes don't sell them colour coded, when I took it to a bodyshop in my town for painting they said the chrome section on top of the handle would need to...
  5. pmcgsmurf

    Towbar Dedicated Electrics W211 E220 2004 Recommendation & Coding ?

    Hi folks Thinking of fitting a Westfalia detachable Towbar to my old W211 to use with a car transporter trailer to move some of the old classics (Hillman Imps) around. I can get the universal electrics but I do like the idea of just using dedicated electrics if these are just plug in. 1...
  6. X

    MB coding for Distronic Active Steering Assist

    Hi Does anyone know Xentry coding values to disable or increase the time of Distronic Active Steering Assist warning when the hands are off the steering wheel for 10 seconds? Thanks
  7. M

    COMAND Coding video in

    Hi, I Have A 2007 W639 Viano With Comand that has 3 x Fakra connections. If I want to feed a reversing camera in, I believe I need video enabling by recoding. Is there anyone near Swindon that can do this?
  8. M


    This is my first thread so please move to correct place if it's in the wrong one, but does anyone know if it's possible to code in a needle sweep to a C63 and if so can you put me in contact with somone that can do it south east / Kent area
  9. N

    Mercedes Coding 7G Auto Gear Box

    Hello fellow MB owners Guys ,I own a 2006 E280 ,the car started with limp mode until one day got stuck in one gear. The garages i visited suggested a new/second hand gear box. I got it and the same garage said they can fix it .But three weeks on they said they cant fix it now .MB said...
  10. A

    2013 W212 E63 AMG - coding OS mirror to dip when reversing?

    As per title, is it possible to code the reversing wing mirror dipping function to work on BOTH wing mirrors rather than just the nearside as it the default?. Do you know how this is done, and who could do it if it possible? Regards, Alex
  11. zenman63

    ML63 coding??

    Anyone done any coding on the ML63? 2009 face lift car Just getting around what it has and missing is the options on wiper speed default, mine seem to fast for the rain. Lights on path way lighting time is also missing? On the fuel it gives miles remaining but not gallons? Anyone had...
  12. C

    S212 towbar coding?

    I've recently fitted a tow bar and a full "dedicated" electrics kit to my 2012 S212 and expected it to need coding on Star for everything to work correctly, the Westfalia kit said it was needed. However it seems that everything works as far as lighting is concerned, even the trailer bulb...
  13. P

    Coding my mirrors to fold when the car locks?

    Hi all, so I would like the mirrors on the SL55 to fold up when I lock the key with the key fob. They have the fold function but only when I press the button inside. Can this be done? Does anyone know anyone that can do it? A forum member did it for me on my last m3 as he has the plug in gadget...
  14. J

    Does a car battery need coding?

    Hi all, Something new which has just come up, I have never seen it before. A friend has a R172 SLK 250 cdi with start stop. He hasn't driven the car for about 6 months and the battery is now flat. I had a look online and this car has what's called a AGM battery, which is suitable for start...
  15. Y

    Coding after retrofit audio20 to ntg2.5

    I already retrofit audio20 to ntg2.5 The unit works fine. I want to activate the backup camera. The problem is that my diagnostic tool Mb star don't recognize the ntg2.5 How can I code it? Thanks
  16. D

    Coding Mercedes

    Hi, Is there any program or software the can be able to coding mercedes S212 - estate ? Thks for advise Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Sanjc63

    Coding or adaptions on c63

    Hi. Recently just got the new autologic scanner at work for Mercedes. Just wounding of there is any adaptions you could do on these. When I have my rs4 with vag com I could code in things like folding mirror, adaptive headlighs, day av start up screens logo. Just wondering if there is anything I...
  18. T

    reversing camera on w219 coding

    Hi i have recently bought a 2006 cls and have noticed a reversing camera installed. When i select reverse nothing comes up. Can i check the comand coding to see if it is activated or can i check it some other way?
  19. K

    SCN Coding

    Whatever MB's official reason for moving to SCN coding might be, the net effect is frankly simply anti-competitive - in other words it forces owners to use MB dealerships rather than independents. MB may well point out that *anyone* can buy a Star system, but the reality is that the capital...
  20. thebig1

    Coding of new components?

    Hi All, I know on my old Audi S5, If I changed almost any electrical component, it would go in to "Protection mode" and would have to go to the dealer to be cleared. Are C63 the same? If I change the heter control unit, for another, same part number etc, will it cause an error?
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