1. grober

    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

    Seinfeld +Obama + a ' 63 Chevy Corvette Sting Ray--:cool: [YOUTUBE HD]UM-Q_zpuJGU[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. flango

    Best pod coffee machine

    I know we have covered various aspects of this before on other threads but I need to buy a coffee make for my office and for ease it needs to be the pod variety. Lots on offer at the moment at various retailers would like to spend <£100 but thought I would seek the direct experiences of the...
  3. brucemillar

    A great coffee table book for petrol heads.

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  4. spinaltap

    B2C Coffee Machine Suggestions?

    My Bosch VeroCafe bean-to-cup (B2C) coffee machine bit the dust this past week. Bosch is unique in not providing a repair service for its coffee machines. For a machine retailing for around £500 this is poor. Fortunately, as it was within their 2 year guarantee period - and they weren't able...
  5. thebig1

    No Coffee Cup On Dash C63

    Hi Guys, On a 2013 C63, will the driver alert coffee cup only appear when it detects a driver loosing concentration? All others seem to have it on the dash when its switched on but on my C63, it never comes on even though I have activated in the instrument cluster. cheers!
  6. EDZ649

    Superb V8 Coffee Table For Sale

    Due to having a change around at home I have decided to part with my beloved V8 coffee table. I bought this about four years ago and it has been a great talking point ever since. The block is from a W116. Size of the glass top is 1200mm x 650mm and ithe height is 520mm. It all comes apart...
  7. HollowPoint

    What's the coffee cup in my dash display for?

    Ok, so I know this is probably a silly question and I did do a quick search before posting, but what's the little coffee cup icon for in my dash display, next to my gear selection?
  8. M

    Gemclean Detailing | Cars & Coffee Meet | 22/11/14

    Hi Guys, Hope your well! All info found here: Kind Regards Michael
  9. M

    Gemclean Detailing | Cars & Coffee Meet | 22/11/14

    Hi Guys, As you may have noticed, I haven't had time over the last year to help with much advice etc, with only popping the odd mb detail up. I have however done quite a few mb members cars since January this year, but with the back log of images its still going to be sometime before I can...
  10. grober

    Ultimate Coffee Table Book

    Just the ticket to leave out casually for visitors on the coffee table in the lounge! And at £25 considerably cheaper!;)
  11. C

    V8 Engine block (Top Gear Coffee Table)

    Yes, I am looking a V8 engine block at a good price. I can arrange for delivery too. Cleaned would be nice too
  12. spinaltap

    DeLonghi Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Reliability?

    Does anyone here use a DeLonghi bean to cup coffee machine? If so, are you happy with its overall performance and reliability. If you had to replace it would you buy another? Currys currently offer the Perfecta ESAM 5500.B at 50% off normal price: £375.
  13. Stan the Man

    Tassimo Coffee Pods

    I am selling the following Tassimo T Discs, surplus to requirements: 10 Packs (16 drinks per pack) of Carte Noir DECAFFEINATED Expresso Coffee, not yet available in supermarkets. 5 Packs (16 Drinks per pack) of Carte Noir Expresso Classic Coffee. I am asking for £2.75 per pack plus...
  14. Dieselman

    The dangers of coffee on the go.

    If only this driver hadn't stopped to buy a Coffee, he wouldn't have needed to make the time up. BBC News - Driver speeding at 130mph with hot drink between legs fined £1,000
  15. reflexboy

    Tassimo coffee machine

    Thinking of getting a Bosch Tassimo machine. I like milky/creamy coffee and hot choccy. There seem to be about 4 or 5 different models available. Has anyone been down this route before and can advise on which model does what please. Are the more expensive ones worth the extra?
  16. A

    which coffee / tea / hot chocolate machine?

    Hello From people who have them what do you recommend. (the pod type machines) Thinking of buying one for the A210 family budget up to £200 more than happy paying much less.... :)
  17. WDB124066

    Grab a Tea, Coffee or Whatever Takes Your Fancy....

    ...and take some time out to enjoy this! Racing In Slow Motion IV - YouTube
  18. O

    Cars & Coffee Cheshire supercars

    Hi did any one on here go to the event last sat in Warrington? Will any one be going to the next one ?
  19. J

    Care for a coffee in your Merc

    In the unlikely event that any members are looking to drink espresso on their journeys I am selling a brand new Handpresso machine at a discount. Handpresso Auto (Car) Espresso Machine | eBay No postage for members (can't think of any other way of offering a discount) Jon
  20. Bobby Dazzler

    Tried Starbucks Verismo™ Coffee yet?

    We've tried most of the pod style coffee machines over the years, but I still prefer my old stove top espresso pot and Mrs D favours a cafetiere. The new Starbucks Verismo™ has caught my eye though - anyone tried one yet? The Verismo
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