1. C

    Spring coil specs

    Hello, Can anyone provide a list with the specs(dimensions) for the spring coils. On my CLS 320(C219) the suspension is lowered, that is how I bought the car, but it is a bit soft. I would like to change the springs, but could use some help build them springs.
  2. S

    Need to bite the bullet - Coil packs etc, where to source

    2003 W215 TT Hi, Well, seems the time has arrived and I need to bite the bullet and change the coil packs. If I order them over here in SW France, the eyes of the Merc receptionist just light up, so I'm looking for an alternative source. Anyone ordered them from the USA, Germany or UK...
  3. K

    W124 230TE ignition coil help needed

    Need some help as I replaced the coil on my W124 230 TE year 1986 but did not mark all the wires. Is there someone who has a similar coil that can check where these connect or else send me a photo of their coil? Thanks all.
  4. CLSMark

    Coil light

    Might be a coincidence, but my good lady tried to start it without waiting for the coil to go off. Since then, it's very first start in the morning( once coil has gone off ) has became very iffy. But fires straight up on the 2nd. Relay or duff plug? Opinions please Sent from my iPhone using...
  5. S

    Ignition coil

    Hi, The picture below is one of the ignition coils that was removed from my W208 CLK 320 as cylinder 6 was throwing a random misfire code. Coil replaced and issue with the car now sorted, I'm wondering however if the blue residue (presumably oxidisation of the copper) could've caused the...
  6. N

    W212 broken front coil spring

    Hi guys Driving to work this morning i heard a large bang from the front left of my car. I stopped and got out to find approx. 6 inches of the front left coil spring sitting in the bottom of spring cup. The spring had broken at the bottom and didn't seem to be causing any issue so i...
  7. Z

    Wanted:: Coil Spring

    Hi Guys, i'm looking for a rear suspension coil spring for a W163 ML320 2001 if any one has one let me know. Rich
  8. M

    S 600 Biturbo coil pack.

    Good evening all, My S600 biturbo probably need a new N side coil pack and maybe a new set of plugs! Orange management has come on [ checked as coil pack] though no miss firing yet. Where is the cheapest place to buy coil pack today? Thanks in advance Mark.
  9. horatio

    Coil converting SLS?

    My S211 rear air suspension is sagging when parked (can be either side). I'm quite tempted to just fit the Arnott coil conversion and have done with the system altogether. Has anyone here tried it? I don't use the car for towing or carrying anything really heavy.
  10. MOR8A

    M113 coil packs

    Thought I would mention I have 8 M113 coil packs for sale (from an E55K) not researched price/values as yet. Will find out current new prices. Pm me if interested.
  11. vijilants

    Genuine Mercedes New W202 C Class E Class SLK Ignition Coil Pack A000 158 7503

    For Sale... Genuine Mercedes New W202 C Class E Class SLK Ignition Coil Pack A000 158 7503 Bosch park no 0 221 506 002 Used on many Mercedes models inc W202 C230 Kompressor. Please check the part number prior to purchase. The unit is Genuine, brand new, unused but the box is tatty. These...
  12. M

    W203 Rear Coil Springs

    Hi today got the MOT done but advised to change the both rear Coil springs as they are rusty can be snap. What you guys advise to get Genuine merc or from eurocarparts Sachs Coil Spring Thanks
  13. J19 HWS

    Wanted rh coil pack v12

    Hi I'm in desperate need of a RH coil pack for a V12 its for a W220 S600 2000 year Most of the 1999 on range of V12's use the same coil Any help much appreciated I've tried most sources with no luck Thanks
  14. E

    Coil Spring Broke in the Middle of the Night!

    My S211 E320 offside front coil spring broke with such a noise last night it woke my neighbours who thought their car parked on the road had been run into until they saw my hazard lights flashing and heard my alarm going off. When I parked on my drive at 5.00pm last night, all was well but at...
  15. S

    Coil Spring Assistance

    My W202 C230K Sport has bad sag at rear (probably the result of towing while with previous owner). I am going to be changing the shocks on the vehicle in the near future, but the amount of sag is so much that I think it is much better to replace the springs as well. Checking with the EPC it...
  16. 46thedoctor

    Bilstein B16 coil overs with H&R 10mm spacers

    Sorry if this may have been covered before but couldn't find the answer. As above I've got hold of sone b16s for my 2013 C63. I have the 19" multi spokes, do you guys know if I'll get away with 10mm H&R spacers front and rear, I'm running stock tyre sizes with conti tyres. Any help would be...
  17. D

    07 CLS Coil Spring

    Well Im starting to realise there is a problem with the coil springs on Mercs. Its a case of 'when' rather than 'if' . Last year I had a spring snap on my 06 E 220 while parked up. Yesterday drove the 07 CLS to work, everything fine, lunchtime everything fine, went out to go home at 5pm from...
  18. 7om

    55k amg engine (m113k) coil packs

    Hi, I bought these from Euro Car Parts when testing for a misfire. It turned out to be a leak between the supercharger and the heads. Mercedes-Benz | Euro Car Parts UK?s No.1 Car Parts Retailer They are brand new apart from being fitted to the car for three days. I had planned to take...
  19. L

    Abc coil Spring conversion

    First off hello to everyone lm new on here so I'm just finding my feet Has anybody converted their w215 to coil springs and if so how did you fix the electronics Also the 2green wires that come from the abc module in there own plug could some one tell what voltage they carry with no warning...
  20. tcb180

    New Coil Spring W203 Front. Squeak Since Fitting

    I took the leg off and got local garage to change spring for me. I refitted the leg but ever since I"m getting an annoying squeaking stationary or at lower speeds when I turn the steering wheel. Have I fitted it correctly ? The leg went back up in ok but I had difficulty getting the top...
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