1. M

    New to the Merc world and Coilover Q?

    Hi everyone, So just bought my first MB and went for a 2011 (60plate) c350 cdi w204 with pan roof, memory seats, hk system and loads more. I previously had an Astra VXR mk5 which I spent a lot of time modding both visually and preformance (got it to 278bhp with 336lbs of torque). I loved the...
  2. Cyclone1

    KW HAS Coilover Kit - CLS/E63 Biturbo

    Hi All, I have for sale a set of KW (HAS) height adjustable springs. They have done approx 9k miles. I bought them from the US but have never fitted them as I ordered some H&R springs at the same time and they arrived first, so were fitted to my car. They lower the car by 15-30mm at the...
  3. B

    SL55 Coilover Conversion

    The parts have started to arrive in for the project :D Just waiting for the KW Variant 3 coilovers which should arrive in next week :D
  4. M.A.94

    D2 coilover reviews?

    Has anyone had experience with D2 racing suspension? if so how would you review them. If it makes a difference the product I'm looking into is a coilover kit for a W210 E320 CDI.
  5. T

    Coilover question.

    Hello my new friends, I have recently taken ownership of a 2006 c220cdi, the car is fitted with prosport coilovers, by a previous owner, they are less than a year old, so I am not going to change the set up just yet, my question is, which end of the rear springs does the height adjuster fit, is...
  6. R

    Excellent CL500 coilover thread from the US

    My w215 CL55 ABC Delete Thread - Yellow Speed Racing Coilover Conversion and Review - Forums
  7. S

    W202 c280 estate coilover help

    Hey im looking to get some coilovers for my 98 c280 estate. ive looked about and there is lots for the saloon model will these fit the estate and if no why? cheers
  8. C

    Yellowspeed Full Adjustable Coilover Suspension for Mercedes CLS w219

    as above, This will be coming off my car sometime soon and be up for sale (along with the wheels) Bought this brand new, its still under manufacturers warranty and has been on my car for about 5000 miles, these suspension components come very highly regarded, it is used in the BDC (British...
  9. Virgovirgo71

    MB SL R230 coilover conversion for ABC

    HI. I'm in the process of changing this worn out ABC suspension to a SL suspension. It's the same as a SL350 but there's 5 important things to complete must be done. 1. Front torsion bar 2. Rear torsion bar 3. Replace tandem pump to a single pump 4. ABC delete and data card. 5. 20 hours labour.
  10. AkisGr

    Has anybody any experience with KW Street Comfort coilover system?

    It seems there is no Koni FSD for a mercedes CLS,so i'm gonna have to get a more expensive system unfortunately. From what i read KW street comfort is great for keeping the original comfort ride of the CLS when you lower the car. Anybody knows about KW street comfort coilover system? I'm gonna...
  11. The _Don

    The new KW DDC ECU coilover kit for the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Black Series
  12. S

    E55 AMG W211 KW Coilover Kit

    Here's a couple of shots from a airmatic to coilover at Eurocharged over the last couple of days. First All this lot had to come out Leaving a very large gap at the front...
  13. BlackC55

    A45 AMG H&R coilover kits now available.

    We can now get the coil over kits for the A45 AMG. We can either supply or supply and fit. Fitting is £1299 Supply is £1080 plus P&P The H&R coil over kits transform the handling of any car. The ride quality is not compromised at all.
  14. V

    Bilstein B14 coilover for Viano 639/2 + Vito

    maybe also interesting for some Viano and Vito owners who wants to improve the ride performance without loosing comfort - Bilstein B14 Coilover kit for the Viano + vito from modelyear 2011 onwards. Not suitable for: 4WD, air level. Bilstein part no 47-226661 First pictures in the german viano...
  15. N

    BC racing w203 coilover kit

    BC Racing UK - Product Page I am able to offer these coilovers for sale at a discounted price of £650 delivered, I have a set myself ,not yet fitted but have used these on other makes of cars and they perform well, Will add some pics tomorrow of the actual kit Thanks
  16. F

    W209 CLK lowering springs / coilover suspension...

    Hi I am looking for lowering springs or coilover suspension for my CLK 320 W209.... I am on a budget so I guess I am looking at used items... Faz 07535700830
  17. beaRS

    Lowering a CLK with Coil-Over's

    I'm not exactly spoilt for choice for lowering options for the CLK 55 AMG. I spoke to Eibach and apparently their CLK springs will not fit the AMG because the spring cups are a different size/shape! I was thinking of using these coil-overs from KW - check out this link...
  18. M

    coilover kit for w202?

    ok at first i wanted the H&R cup kit but that lowers the car loads and i dont know if my alloys will allow that much, nor do i want my car to scrape. i have a c250d how much would a decent set of coilovers cost me? how easy is it to change the height of your vehicle with coilovers? thanks
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