1. S

    Coilovers or lowering springs on w203 kompressor.

    Plans are to lower the car a bit and would prefer 20 to 30 mm springs but wonder if they bottom out much. Coilovers are expensive but no bottom out issues. Any advice. Sent from my 5056X using Tapatalk
  2. E

    Ap coilovers

    Hi, Is anyone running these in a w204 c class? Have a set ordered and keen to hear from anyone with experience using them
  3. Felstmiester


    Anyone using BC coilovers? I know KW are the daddy and you get what you pay for n all that but I've read some reviews online and they've not been to bad. From what I've seen and read they're of good quality, use the same diameter pistons & dampers as KW V3's they just lack rebound adjustment...
  4. C

    2008 Mercedes CLS 320 CDI Facelift - Portsmouth - Reluctant Sale

    VERY VERY RELUCTANT SALE!! It took me 2 years to find the correct CLS with the right colour combo, spec and with bodywork this good.. but I found one, and here it is. however a change in circumstances means I require a newer car (under 5 years old ) for work, so this car must go. These cars...
  5. O

    Will coilovers designed for w211 amg fits CLS55 amg?

    Can anyone comments on the above? As I do believe they both shares the same chassis? I am currently looking to fit a set of BC coilovers for my cls55. But they only do this for w211. To fit the coilovers over the airmatic cars i will need the rear control arm from a non airmatic car, can...
  6. F

    Slight rubbing issues, coilovers?

    I've got a slight rubbing issue when there's a lot of weight in the car going over bigger bumps, I've had a black series body kit put on my CLK, the steel arches cut and rolled up and the fiberglass arches over the top, with wheel spacers pushing the wheels out past where the old arches sat, the...
  7. K

    Vito coilovers DIY

    Im looking at making a set of coilovers for my 639. Looking at getting hold of 2 old front struts. Does anyone know the diameter of the struts and are the shock inserts removable?
  8. H

    Wanted: CLK W209 adjustable coilovers

    Exactly what the title says, aslong as they are in usable condition. Contact me on 07949947665 Thanks
  9. A

    Coilovers for Airmatic Cars

    This is a technical question for those Specialist traders. I am getting annoyed with Airmatic on my car and recently heard few people running BC coilovers on their CLS's and found them to be very good. Has any of the Independent specialists tried this conversion? What does it need and how much...
  10. L

    FK Silverline Coilovers- CL203 CLC and Sport Coupe- W203 Chassis

    Hi All, Please find my FK Silverline Coilovers for sale. I purchased them from Venom Motorsport for £447 in October 2013 and have had them fitted to my 2008 CLC since March 2014. Although they are for the CL203 (CLC and Sport Coupe) they may actually fit other W203 C Class models and...
  11. BenzedUP

    KW V2 Coilovers

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if they still sell the KW V2 Coilovers for the R171 SLK55 AMG? I'm thinking of getting some for mine. Not really interested in the V3. Cheers, Jo
  12. S

    W124 Yellow speed racing coilovers

    Hi, Has anyone used these coilovers on their W124 coupe or saloon ? I've seen a few people in America use them, here's a link. YELLOW SPEED RACING DYNAMIC PRO SPORT COILOVERS MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS W124 84-92 | Yellow Speed Racing Europe
  13. C

    W211 coilovers any advice ?

    I've just bought some 19" wheels for my e320 Cdi, I'd like to lower the car a little but don't just want to stick a set of "generic" lowering springs on Can anyone recommend a decent set of coilovers or have any experience on how the car feels/drives on them Cheers
  14. M

    coilovers for the e55k amg

    Has any one had/got any recommendations on coilovers for the e55 thinking of fitting some due to not being to happy with the way the car handles.
  15. BenzedUP

    SLK55 Coilovers

    Hi, Looking to fit a set of decent Coilovers on my SLK55 (R171) do you guys know if there is any available for the SLK AMG? I had a set of H&R on my C55 and that changed everything, It was amazing round the bends! Looking for similar, any advice & recommendation? Cheers, Jo.
  16. gunning

    My 911 update. Coilovers on.

    Know it's not a Mercedes but I thought some of you may be interested in the porsche. So far the wheels have been refurbed, not too well to be honest, so they are going to be redone after I go to spa track. Coilovers are on and they've driven it, they said the handling and quality of the...
  17. MattTaylor

    Lowering my W202, any suggestions?

    Hi guys, new to the site. I recently bought myself a C200 (W202) and want to lower it as much as possible. I've had a good look around and found H&R coilovers, I was wondering if anyone has put these on before? If so how low does it go and how reliable are they? Any other suggestions on lowering...
  18. gunning

    PB Brakes coilovers

    This company seems too offer good quality coilovers for very cheap prices. Had a look for Mercedes and they do w202 ones too! Wish I knew this when I had mine! I'm getting a set fitted in a week or so with the adjustable camber top plates so when I get back at the end of July I'll give a review.
  19. L17UNDW202

    W202 Coilovers

    Hi all, first post and I'm just after a bit of help, I'm just wondering if any of you know of any second hand adjustable coilovers for sale for my 97 w202 as I can't afford the £600 that eBay are selling them for, I currently have a 45mm drop spring kit on with 17x9 rear wheels and 17x8 fronts...
  20. T

    Anyone got any experience with FK Highsport Coilovers?

    Afternoon all, Got the lowering bug with my W203 already and am on the hunt for some coilovers. I haven't got the budget for £1000+ jobs nor do I want to go for £200 ebay specials. I've found some FK Highsports for £349 online which i think is a great price as most retailers want £500+...
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