1. Jim123

    W123:grating noise coming from the coils?

    Hello, I am a relatively new W123 owner. My car is quite low mileage but it has been in storage for a number of years and barely used. Amongst the problems I am trying to sort out is a ‘raunching/grating noise which comes from the coils (I think) when either stopping sharply or going over a...
  2. J

    C207 coupe front coils

    I had a snapped front suspension coil on my 09 e350 coupe in sport trim with standard sport wheels. I've had both front could replaced with official merc springs and the relevant spacer fitted I've not yet seen the car in daylight but the front looks jacked up. I will get some pics in...
  3. U

    recommended coils & leads for r170 slk 230

    Hi all, Been searching for past few weeks and struggling. Want to change the coils and leads/boots on the wife's slk as they old and she gets the odd misfire on cylinder 1. Anyone have any recommendations of which to (Or not to) get and from where? Found several places for the coils, but...
  4. H


    Just to remind anyone on here who may be interested I hav a decent ignition coil from a mercedes s600, fits other cars too. This is a passenger side. Give me a call if interested 07957966330
  5. D

    C200 (W202) ECU problems, Ignition Coils test, Guide and help

    Hello everyone! I have got the famous ECU failure problem on my Mercedes C200 -96. One day I was driving and suddenly the engine was only driven by 2 cylinders. I left the car to a car repair and they tried to change spark plugs and ignition coils but without success. I have read alot about this...
  6. D

    W202 Wiring Loom Repair Kit For Ignition Coils Pack?

    My C36 journey continues... We've got the engine back together, it turns over but won't spark and we've got it down to the wiring loom for the ignition coil packs. Is there a repair kit for this and if there is, where are they sold? Aren't these the same wiring looms as the W124?
  7. rajinder_1

    w202 coils

    Bosch Ignition Coil Pack Module x2 for Mercedes C-Class W202 C180 C200 1997-2001 | eBay
  8. G

    W124 Ignition coils

    Our 1995 S124 280 seems to have a real appetite for ignition coils. It has had 2 complete sets in the last 4 years. The latter set in october 2008 were genuine mercedes fitted by a main agent in France.(Dont know origin of the others) In Jan 2010 it had number 3/4 replaced to sort out a misfire...
  9. M

    2001 e320 w210 Ignition coils checking?

    Hi I was wondering if it is possible to check if the ignition coils are good, how to test them? My car is running very rough when stopping at the lights, sounds like some cylinder not firing. Thank you
  10. merc180k

    Ignition coils change on a C Max

    Hi all, Mrs M's car is having a few starting issues and rather than fork out the £90 plus ford want to chabge this, I thought I'd spend £20 at the local auto shop and do it myself!! Anyone lend any pointers on how to do it??!! I think it looks simple enough, but have been caught by that...
  11. M

    Geniune Leads & Coils

    Looking to change qty x 4 coils and also need a full set of leads for a 52 plate W163 want bosch originals - nothing rebrands
  12. C

    Misfire - Change Coils - 2,3 ?? what to get..

    I want to change my coils as a pre-requisite to getting my ECU looked at / fixed, but wanted to confirm a couple of things before I try and order anything :o 1. Can anyone confirm whether I need 2 or 3? coils as per this diagram item no 29 which shows on top of the engine...
  13. japimport

    ignitition coils

    is it easy to remove ignition coils on 95 w202 i went to scrap yard to get them of and i couldnt im geting them coz im try ing to sort out the lumpy idling ive changed engine mounts spark plugs plug leads air filter and fuel filter i dont want to keep buying stuff so i was going to get them in...
  14. japimport

    ignitition coils

    hi everyone i have a c200 sport 95 ive bought a haynes manual and im changing the spark plugs and there is a picture in the manual of the camshaft cover off and it has ignitition coils on top of spark plugs but in my car it doesnt have any im i missing somethimg here forgive me if this is a...
  15. rajinder_1

    C180 Coils

    Hey Guys, i have a quick question... i want to change my prings in the 96 c class, i had it lowered with a sports kit with 40 mil drop and bilstien shock a while ago. I no longer want it that low and want some comfort back but still want the car to look good. Can i buy the esprit or sport...
  16. M

    Ignition Coils For sale

    Mercedes Ignition coil from a Mercedes E320 (perfect) Mercedes Part number: 000 158 70 03 These are £63 each from Mercedes I have 3 of these and am looking at £25 per coil. This is suitable for the following cars: Mercedes C280 , 2.8 , 93- 2000 Mercedes C36 AMG, 3.6, 94 - 2000 Mercedes...
  17. G

    A Class Twin coils wanted

    :) Do you have the twin coil spark plug assembly,or do you know where I can get one in the Maidstone area? .It is for a 2000 A160.
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