1. M

    Vpower diesel in colder weather?

    Anyone use v power diesel in winter. Does it provide better economy. I have read a few comments/questions on forums for other cars, wondering if anyone on here does this?
  2. Scott_F

    Colder Weather Cold Starting Problem

    My W124 220CE (M111 engine) can give problems starting in colder weather. It is garaged and can be unused for a couple of weeks at a time. Last winter it often wouldn't start from cold straightaway. The engine turned over but it wouldn't fire. I tried not touching the accelerator and also...
  3. amwebby

    I don't think my CL500 likes the colder weather...

    ... at least I hope that's all it is. Twice now, when the temperature is -5 or less the locks on my doors have stubbornly refused to lock using the infrared key or the keyless go key. Once I drive the car and they automatically lock at 5 mph, all functionality is restored. I'm guessing it is an...
  4. D

    Getting colder

    Has anyone found a way of displaying outside temp instead of K/PH in C-class 203 yet? Would be good for winter!
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