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    C220CDi (w204) - weird cold-start..

    Hi there - wonder if anyone can help me - I don't know if I have an 'issue' i should be worried about or not. with this recent cold snap, my 2008 W204 C220CDi has taken to revving quite high on startup. On these cold freezing mornings it starts instantly and straight away goes to 1300-1400 rpm...
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    cold-start question

    Hi men-of-mercs.anyone tell me where thermo-time switch is in connection with cold-start valve got no feed to valve can'tseem to trace don't wanna put feed directly onto valve in case of damage.Its an 1987 190e 2 ltre fuel-inj.Any help would be appreciated as the cold frosty mornings are getting...
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    C220 Diesel coldstart

    For some time now I have had a problem when starting my 1994 C220D from cold. When I turn the key, after the heater plug light goes out, the engine fires, races for a second and dies. At the same time the ECD light comes on, I am told that this is a fuel pressure light. After 3 or 4 goes the car...
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