1. D

    Anyone used Lodge Garage in Colindale

    Anyone used Lodge Garage in Colindale London NW9 OHD. if so would what was your experience? I'm thinking of using them to have some work done.Thanks.
  2. K

    Hub caps and new tyre - MB Colindale and Wheels Inmotion

    So anyone who knows me I have two sets of wheels, summer and winter. My summer wheels are nearly new so I decided the deserve new centre caps. Looked at ebay, decided I didn't want cheap immitations, looked at alloy wheels direct £53, finally picked them up from MB Colondale for £6.75+VAT. MB...
  3. The Boss

    a little treat over at mb colindale today

  4. K

    MB Dealership - Colindale, London

    Hi folks, Looking for views from people who might have used this dealership before. Any good/bad experiences with Colindale? Thanks, Kamal
  5. The Boss

    G55 AMG for sale at Mercedes-Benz Colindale

    Just saw a grey G55 AMG on sale - LHD at mercedes colindale.. £99,999 AS APPROVED USED?? Damn this is high... apparently, it was a cancelled order, but can not be put on the road here as it does not meet emmisions standards for UK etc etc.. but what a lovely colour combo. will upload pics...
  6. KLP 92

    MB Colindale Bodywork service- my rant!!

    My rant! I recently acquired a E320 CDI W210 2002 estate which had the usual rust. I sent the car for an inspection to MB Colindale who subsequently agreed to repair the rust on the rear 3/4 panels, bootlid and door tops/bottoms. The car was sent by MB Colindale to M&A Coachworks, their...
  7. un1l

    Appaling Customer Service From MB Colindale (Bodywork)

    After purchasing my CLK beginning of Feb, i aimed to get the rust on the arches and bootlock done by the Mobilo warranty. The previous owner had maintained a Full Dealer Service History and planned to get it done but was then given a company car. I phoned MB Colindale and explained that i had...
  8. R

    MB Colindale Warrantee repairs

    How to trash a car. They had the car 8 days for warrantee work, and returned it with these aditional faults (see photos). BODGERS!!!! I gave it to them with a list on the passenger seat (which they claim to have lost) of about 18 faults. I also faxed them the list (which they claim to have...
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