1. D

    W210 Handbrake Ears - collapsed in brake drum !!!

    Bit of an odd and rare issues Looks like my right rear hand brake has completely collapsed in the drum and ripped the handbrake ears into bits. I heard it all get crushed up when I was diriving. Lucky this wheel didn't get jammed and cause more problems. I've taken the disc off and removed...
  2. mat8n

    SL350 R230 rear shock collapsed, non ABC

    Just got my SL out of the garage for the summer and one of the rear shocks has collapsed! totally gone! has anyone had this before and is there a way of an easy fix? where to get new shocks from? Ta
  3. steve333

    collapsed drain damage

    As per title whilst travelling home from relatives last night went over a collapsed drain on seven hills road Weybridge causing a double nearside blowout & damaging both nearside alloys(the airmatic suspension doesn't seem right either).Contacted mercedes breakdown who will take the car to mb...
  4. M

    W210 collapsed suspension

    Hi after a long absence from this forum. Last night doing about 40-50 mph with wife and daughter in the car (E430) and bang! AA says front offside suspension collapsed. Had thought things couldn't get worse! Can anyone please give me some idea of cost of repair? I guess fixing both sides is...
  5. P

    top radiator hose collapsed

    hi just found the top hose on my c250td flat rather than round,as if the system has a vacuum, car is not losing fluid temp never gets above 80 i changed the expansion cap last week, so is this related ( just put the old one back on)... hose is now back in shape, after taking the expansion cap...
  6. C

    W124 Inlet Cam - bearing collapsed

    Hi Gents, my W124 E220 lost all power at 30mph and I was lucky enough to be near a lay-by. God bless the RAC, they were there in 10 mins, the guy had a look, spun the engine with the oil cap off and said Oh Dear, your cam ain't turning. Anyhow the guy towed me home and out came the socket set...
  7. philiggy

    124 Arm rest collapsed

    Hi The arm rest on my 124 goes all the way down rather than stopping half way down, is there a way of repairing this or is it knackered Phil
  8. Howard

    Collapsed Seat in your w124 ?
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